Downhill Climb Days 101-102: 100 Miles in 102 Days

Sweatoflam after a 2.16 mile walk today. It was warm and very humid. And I sweat.

Finally got back to walking this morning, after a 13 day hiatus due to heavy work schedules, rain storms, etc. I had a good 2.16 mile walk and felt pretty good.  The knee hurt, but I was ok with that.  My bigger issue today was my right heal…it really hurts.  Not sure why.

Today it was quite moist out.  I was indeed sweating, but sweat is good.

I was glad to walk and get out of my “walkless slump” of the last couple of weeks. Though it can be hard and hot, etc., I always feel better about myself.  I find that I appreciate the “BURN.”  Yes, the burn of the muscles for the next day after a good walk.  And then there is the burn of the sweat dripping into my eyes.

Burn is good

I was also pleased with today as I hit a minor milestone…after completing my first mile today I had also completed 100 miles of walking on my officially tracked walks with my MapMyWalk and Argus apps.  Maybe to the marathoners out there, its no big deal.  But to this guy who started out with a one mile grueling walk on April 1 as a 450 pounder, getting 100 miles of walking in just 102 days is a BIG deal!  Below is my “Smile at 100 Miles” photo from this morning along with the MapMyWalk details.

Smile at 100 Miles. The next 100 should come faster!

Having my juice while still drenched in sweat

I did get two miles in today and then Julianne made some green juice for our breakfast.  It was STRONG stuff…a bit to much for me.  But I did drink it.

After a shower and a couple of hours of web work for some of my clients, we headed out to do some shopping for things we may not have from our Bountiful Baskets delivery later in the day.

We hit Costco and a few other stores.  I got more walking in.

In fact, today was a rare 10,000+ step day for me (just barely broke it with 10,007).  It was my first since June 25 and only my fourth since I began using the Argus app.  My record “Step Day” was on June 13th, during the Great American Fitness Challenge, when I put in 17,714 steps, which equivocates to 7.35 miles.

Tonight will be a good restful night.  Both my sweetheart and I are quite tired after a long day.  But it was a good one.

My July 11 Two mile smile…the first mile on the way to 200 Miles.

Still working on my #400Independence Day.  I WILL get there!



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