28 Days on vegan lifestyle and down 12.9 pounds

Healthy Life Road Sign

Lately I have been on a roadsign kick on my Less Beaten Paths blog (see it here).  I found this graphic on the web this morning (nabbed it from the Trading Pounds blog).  I thought it was appropriate.

This morning I got on the scale and was shocked, did a double take and weighed again for good measure.  I weighed in a 444.3 pounds….that makes it 12.9 pounds lost in 28 days.  Not as fast as I had hoped, but I was thrilled.  Just two days ago I was still at 448.  Do the right things, be patient and go at it one day at a time.

That said, I have hit my second benchmark….10 pounds down.  Next benchmark is the 440 pound mark and then after that I hope to be hitting the 20 pounds lost mark soon there after, which would be 432.6 pounds.

Thin person trying to get out

I have been lax in writing the last couple of days.  I have been busy on other projects, but we keep on trucking.  The other day Julianne made some great blueberry waffles for breakfast.  She used egg replacement and also used applesauce instead of oil.  We had real maple syrup on top.  What a treat these were and practically fat free (except for the vegan butter substitute).

Practically Fat Free and Vegan Blueberry Waffles

Yesterday we had a good lunch as well.  Julianne threw together a tabouli wrap. Tabouli is a Mediterranean salad dish made from Bulgar Wheat, chopped parsley, scallions, olive oil and perhaps some other things like cucumbers.  Julianne made her own FAT FREE version without the olive oil.  She included a squeeze of lemon, chopped parsley, tomatoes and artichoke hearts.  These were wrapped in a fat free tortilla.  For fun, she also took the left over vegetable teriyaki from a couple of days ago and made a soup with it.  She added a generous portion of Cayenne Pepper flakes so we had sweet and spicy vegetable soup to go along with the tabouli wraps.  We also enjoyed fresh cantaloupe for some sweetness.

Tabouli Wraps, Vegetable Teriyaki Soup and Cantaloupe

For breakfast this morning we enjoyed something else we have become fond of…Pumpkin Oatmeal.  This morning we had it with pecans and raisins.  Always need to add pumpkin pie spice and vanilla, along with about a half (small) can of pumpkin.  Talk about a rib sticking bowl of yummiferousness!!   Along with the oatmeal we had fresh grapefruit.

See, living mainly vegan is really not that bad.  It all tastes good and it is making me healthier!

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