Another time to try again…you never fail unless you give up

Starting 2013 with a smile

Here it is January 4, 2013.  It has been months since either of us has added anything to this blog.  It has also been months since I (David) have done much in terms of effort.  This past year has had a number of challenges, ups and downs, etc.  Julianne has moved to a vegan lifestyle in terms of meal choices, and has done very well.  She has also gotten a good exercise regimen going.

As for me, things have not been as easy.  For the most part of 2012 I let myself get engrossed in my job and pretty much nothing took second fiddle.  I did a good deal of traveling and worked lots of hours, even from home. I only made it to the gym a couple of times and certainly was not as careful with my eating as I should have been. I had many good intentions, but intentions never get one anywhere with the accompanying actions.

Okay, Oklahoma… I need to be better than OK in 2013

The Road Warrior – always on the run in 2012

Visiting American Pickers…you can see that I am a “BIG” fan

Giant Kraft Noodle in Illinois…with a giant guy next to it

David and Julianne at Midway Fall Festival

I found Success in Missouri in 2012. Hopefully I will experience success in Kentucky in 2013

However, things do get in the way.  Age, weight and health factor in.  Job stress was a factor.  Then, the bomb hit us both in early November as we were both let go from our jobs at  It was devastating as we loved the work.  Though our drive to find something else is strong, I still have struggled with managing due to stress and depression.

Then came family visits in December.  Our entire family was here for nearly two weeks.  That meant 4 grandchildren staying at the house and 9 grandchildren here for a good part of the time, along with the many other family members. The excitement and joy was unmeasurable.  But, it was practically impossible to stay on any sort of regimen.

Joy with the Grandkidz

Fast forward to today…the house is quiet.  Julianne and I are now able to focus much more on how to improve ourselves.  Julianne is recommending we do the 21-day Vegan Kickstart.

In the past, I was never too keen on these types of things.  However, in all honesty, I need to do something.  A recent doctor’s visit indicated that my blood pressure had increased and that I am closing in on diabetes.  More than ever, I am convinced that a vegan eating lifestyle will improve all of these.

So, I say vegan, but I don’t mean the radical type that talks about animal cruelty, refuses to wear leather, etc.  Rather, I am talking about a diet of non-animal products…no meat, milk, cheese, butter, eggs.  There truly are many great delectable choices out there that do not have to have these animal products.

I also need to start an exercise regimen again.  I love to go to the gym and work out, but sciatica, knee pain, back pain…they all seem to want to keep me from going.  What I realize inside of me is that THESE are the result of not exercising and bad dietary choices.  I need to fight through them and I will!

These things are not easy to admit.  The move to a pure vegan lifestyle will not be easy either.  But, realistically, is anything worthwhile really easy?

Julianne and I will get rolling on the new plan beginning January 5.  Watch here for updates.  I promise to better!!

Marissa Noe - January 4, 2013 - 16:38

I’m so proud of you dad. We all love you so much and want you around as long as possible!!! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. I know you can do this!! I’m gonna be better too!!! Love you!

Sherry Blessing - January 4, 2013 - 20:57

I know how hard it is David. I will be praying and cheering you on. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

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