Back at it Again!!

Taking a Bite Out of My Weight

It has been a few months since I have had the courage to get back into the swing of things and get my physical life back on track. My life has been a whirlwind of travel, stress, job bouncing, life reflection and the like. I have not had time mentally or emotionally to try to worry about what I eat or what I do physically. But, after months of letting go I have felt the negative effects and finally have come to the realization that I once again need to rein the desires and temptations in and buckle down. And, in all honesty, that is always the hardest part — that first step — that first healthy meal, that first walk around the block, that first avoiding the Diet Coke…it is NOT easy!!

Taking the First Step

Those of you that know me (or at least follow this haphazard blog), know that I use this blog as a form of therapy. I tell myself I can do it… I get myriads of inspiration and support from my sweet wife, who has been overly patient while she silently fears for life as a widow because I haven’t done anything. In the meantime, I selfishly move on eating and drinking what I wish with no thought of the impact it may have on my future and the future of others. It has to stop!! So, I am taking the first step (again) and not worrying about the staircase of challenges ahead…one step at a time.

Exercise – Some Motivation Required

So, last Sunday Julianne and I spent a good time working on some life revisions. I truly do believe that we are all always on a course for improvement. We may be awesome, but we can always get better!! Our course for improvement included exercise, diet, non-fat vegan food (again…), cold turkey on the Diet Cokes, avoidance of processed meats and cheeses, etc. Yes, a real sacrifice, but, with some planning we have been able to begin this week with some very palatable and tasty alternatives.

Weigh-In – Uh-Oh!!

The first steps were setting up a menu, goals for the first week in terms of exercise and the dreaded weigh-in! I weighed in on Monday morning at 461.8 pounds. This is the heaviest I have been all year and probably for some time!! I started out January 2013 at 458 and by March had gotten down to 439. March was when the whirlwinds of life took over and threw me over the abyss…

Enjoying the Ride somewhere in Missouri

In April I was offered a new position with a company in Idaho. Soon thereafter I was on my way to Idaho by car to spend a few weeks with the new company. The arrangement would be for me to eventually work from home in Kentucky since it is an internet company. Well, as any of you may know, eating on the road is not really conducive to health, especially if you are pushing along on back roads like I do (see my Less Beaten Paths blog for more on my adventures). between April and June I logged nearly 8000 miles (maybe more) in driving. I visited or drove through 18 different states (including a trip to New York with my wife…much needed). Honestly (and I need to be honest with myself hereafter for I have not been…) … those long trips also mean lots of Sugar Free Red bulls, Diet Cokes, Diet Mountain Dews, Fast Food and more.

Travel Drinks of Choice – Healthy huh?

And here are some of my “healthy” food choices while on the road (not counting the Taco Bells, Popeye’s, Arby’s and BK stops along the way….)

Big Burger at Jud’s in Rexburg

Don’t forget the “small” order of tots

Good “Low Fat” breakfast at Leaning Tree Cafe in Babbs, Montana – Eggs,sausage, corned beef hash, has browns toast and an orange slice.

Fries and corn dogs at Cozy Dog Drive-In – Springfield, Illinois

Steak and Taters at Frontier Steak House near Shelby, Montana

Big omelet with hash browns and toast in Stanley, Idaho

Then, of course, with nearly 6 weeks in hotels during that period, food was always “get what I can” and “not worry”. Too bad really.

Pastrami on Rye with Sweet Potato Fries at TJ’s Cafe in South Dakota

So, here I am on August 1 and four days into a new routine in hopes of getting back to where I was back in March. I have gotten tree days of walks around the block — admittedly only about a half mile per walk – but, it is the first step and it is the consistency.

Feeling Hot After a Good Workout

Then, there is the menu plan. Since I am now working from home and spend most of time in front of a computer, I need to get up and do my part around the house. So, we are splitting cooking duties on one solid meal a day. Then, for breakfast we are either juicing or making green smoothies and the same in the evening. Since Monday morning I am already down 5 pounds, so it is already showing progress, which is exciting. And here are some of the truly healthy choices that we have made this week.

Fat Free Masoor Dal – Indian Red Lentil soup with Indian spices on top of brown basmati rice. Side dish of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in a balsamic vinegar. Yummy

Fat Free Bruschetta – one with mushrooms and zucchini butter, the other with kale, tomatoes and avocado. Both on Italian bread.

All Veggie Dinner – Corn on the Cob, steamed and spiced potatoes, fresh tomatoes and spicy FRESH green beans and onions

All Veggie Enchiladas – filled with tomatoes, spicy rice, prickly pear cactus and homemade green salsa (the spicy kind!). Then had squash and zucchini along with fat free refried beans. Delectable.


So, here it is….finally Saturday. I started Monday at 461.8 and I weighed in this morning at 454.4…7.2 pounds in one week!!

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