Being Overweight: Comfort in Your Own Skin

This last week has been a challenge.  My greatest support and cheerleader has been gone in San Diego all week.  As a result, I have let myself do what I do best…get engrossed in online work at my computer, no matter what it is.  In many cases for hours at a time.  I have missed meals, I have not exercised — I have slipped.  But, I will get back on track.

That being said, I wanted to share some great wisdom from my close friend Antsy McClain.  He had a very thought provoking post.  Not only is he a great songwriter, poet and musician, but he is also an amazing storyteller.  He has written a number of books (see my page about his books), many of which really do shed some light on the world around us….in a different and unique perspective.

Antsy McClain on being at Peace

Along with the photo and quote above, he related the following story from a recent shopping trip:

“The other day I was in line buying a soda, and the man in front of me was paying for an Esquire magazine. The check-out woman, who was plus-sized, looked at the thin model on the cover and said with an accent that sounded to me like Jamaican or the Dominican Republic, ‘If I looked like this, maybe men would respect me.’ She laughed, and the man buying the magazine took the path of encouragement: ‘Hey, you can do it. You can do that. Just gotta make up your mind to do it.’ As he was walking away, I put my soda on the counter and leaned in, “I think you are beautiful. And if a man doesn’t respect you, it’s his loss.” The stunned look on her face made my day, AND I got a free soda. (Just kidding about the soda. ha.) But so often we have a distorted view of ourselves that keeps us from projecting the truth and beauty of who we are. We certainly want to be healthy and live a long, fruitful life for ourselves and those who love us — and if we feel better losing weight or getting in shape, that’s what it’s all about. But the sooner we realize we are all flawed in different ways, and to be comfortable in our own skin, the happier we will be. (Now, where did I put that bag of Doritos?)” – Antsy McClain (pulled from his Facebook page – Feb. 22, 2013)

I am working to lose weight – for my health and longevity.  I think I lost out in the good looks department many years ago.  I have generally felt comfortable in my own skin until I tried to sit in an airplane seat, try on pants at the big men’s store or attempted to squeeze down a path in Mammoth Cave.  Some things were just not meant for bigger people.  I have always believed that I am pretty active for a guy my size, when compared to others of the same girth.  The sad part is that, in relation to what Antsy has noted in his story, many others see us in a different light.  Heavy people (I don’t like the word fat — sorry) are treated differently.  There is truly a discrimination factor out there that is untenable in my opinion.  Each of us has our own special package of flaws, foibles, strengths and abilities.  It is all of us — black, white, heavy, thin, hairy, bald, straight, gay, male, female, Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, blonde, brunette and redhead that make up this community called Earth.  The sooner we can act as a community, the better off we will be.

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