Being Overweight – Part III: Can you see the real me?

Back in 1973 the amazing rock group The Who released an awesome Rock Opera on an album called Quadrophenia.Perhaps my favorite song on the album is “The Real Me”. It is about a guy named Jimmy with four different personalities.  However, for me, the lyrics have always stuck with me…Can you see the real me? Can you? Can you?

What is the “Real Me?”  Do we define ourselves by our looks? Or do we define ourselves by who we are on the inside?

I pointed out the other day that I do not perceive myself as fat, obese or overweight.  Yes, I know my outward appearance is currently such.  But inside, I still feel thin and young.  My screen Sumoflam is indicative of that.

Why Sumoflam? – Well, this is actually a pretty interesting question.  My first answer is that I have always been a fan of Sumo wresting.  Back in the 198os I used “sumoman” for my emails.  But, through my involvement with Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours over the years, I changed it Sumoflam.  You see, Antsy McClain fans are referred to as “Flamingoheads“, kind of like Jimmy Buffett fans are called “Parrotheads.”   I later had Antsy McClain, who is not only a talented singer/songwriter, but also an amazing graphic artist, create my official Sumoflam logo.

Sumoflam Logo – artwork by  Antsy McClain

But there is a deeper meaning.  As anyone knows, flamingos are thin beautiful birds. They are not fat.  So, the idea of a Sumo Flamingo is a dichotomy.  I personally like to think that I have an “inner flamingo” in an “outer sumo” shell.  By inner flamingo wants to get out and fly away.  I want to be a “Freebird”

Freebird – Created by Antsy McClain

It is an interesting irony that people that do not know someone judge them by their looks and their appearance.  If we are thin and good looking, people tend to judge us as in control.  Many famous people have eating disorders.  Why?  In most cases they are wanting to have that public perception be positive.  They may look at themselves in the mirror, thin as can be, and still feel the need to lose weight.  The beautiful Karen Carpenter, the iconic lead singer of the 1970s group “The Carpenters” died at the age of 32. After spending almost all of 1982 undergoing treatment for the eating disorder, the 5’4½” Carpenter had managed to pump her weight from a frail 80 pounds to a nearly normal 110.  Her death shocked the world.  She never realized the “real her.”

Karen Carpenter
(March 2, 1950 – February 4, 1983)

There are thousands of Karen Carpenters out there.  I know a few myself.  Their outward appearance is so important that they neglect the inner person…the real them.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t work on the “outer person”, if it is needed.  I know that I need to lose weight and get some of my vital signs fixed.  But, I will only do so gradually.  Heck, it has taken me over 30 years to put on this extra 250 pounds.  I need to get it off gradually.

In the meantime, I will not lose site of where I need to go and must need to be patient with myself, while not worrying about what others think.


I found an interesting blog entry with some motivational quotes on These are the things we must remember.  We need to stay motivated.  My blog writing is like a journal of inspiration to me.  Though I have many wonderfully supportive family and friends, my ultimate support must come from me…the “Real Me” on the inside.

Can you see the real me?  I am the fun loving guy who “Enjoys the Ride.”  I am jovial, happy and I have never met a stranger.  That inner flamingo in me will fly out someday.

Inner Flamingo

Watch for Being Overweight – Part IV: Vital Signs and fixes….  coming soon…..



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