Bet you are wondering where I have been??

The last couple of weeks have been doozies for both my wife and me.  We were working on a some major projects and time has slipped by us.  Momentum has slacked a bit as a result.  But, I have not given up, quit or determined that this is not for me.  Just has been challenging for us.  We have not gotten to the gym either.  Some weeks are just like that I guess.

Failure is not an option

In terms of weight, I have stayed stable.  I am currently still sitting at 442 pounds.  We just weren’t as focused on the “good stuff” – the fresh fruits and veggies – as we have been.  We have had a lot of oatmeal, beans and rice.  Carbs are good, but we need them veggies.

That being said, Julianne did trow together a really yummiferous dish a couple of nights ago.  I had been craving some Kim Chee, so she took our package of Kim Chee, cooked it up with some Miso and chopped tofu and then put it on top of rice for Kim Chee Chige.  It was awesome!!

Kim Chee Chige

As well, we had occasion to go to Cosi for dinner one night last week.  I was really wanting some comfort food and was ready to jump into a nice Mexican food dinner with cheese enchiladas, a chile relleno, etc.  Julianne convinced me to go to Cosi and order a pizza.  We have gotten pizza there before…basically, we order a Margherita pizza without cheese and have them add extra veggies.  So, we get the sun dried tomatoes, the basil, olives, red onions and mushrooms.  That actually took care of my craving for the evening.

Cosi Veggie Margherita Pizza

So, the for next week will be a challenge as well.  Julianne is heading to San Diego for a week, so I need to work it myself.  I am not nearly as good at putting together healthy AND tasty meals.  But I am gonna try….I will not give up and I will get past that 440 mark sometime very soon!!

Never Give Up


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