Bountiful Sunday Grilling

It was a beautiful Sunday today here in Lexington, Kentucky! Julianne and I had plenty of wonderful produce from Bountiful Baskets yesterday and so we put together an amazingly good lunch with the use of my wonderful big green egg grill.


Big Green Egg Grill

After warming up the grill–

Fresh corn, PURPLE potatoes, huge asparagus, a unique avocado bruschetta (fresh avocado, endive, tomatoes, radishes, green onions and basil) on Bountiful Basket sourdough and for dessert — grilled fresh pineapple! Anything missing? I don’t think so!

Avocado Bruschetta with Endive and radishes


Avocado Bruschetta

One of the joys of bountiful baskets participation is the unique items that we get almost every time. This time around it was the purple potatoes. I’ve never had purple potatoes. But these not only tasted good, they looked good – they looked unique and exciting!


Purple Potatoes on the Grill

Shortly after we had the potatoes on the grill, Julianne prepared these massive stalks of asparagus with her themed garlic mixture and these were added to the grill.


Purple and Green….yum

I love asparagus!!!!!


I Love Asparagus!!

All of this was cooking I shucked some corn. This is corn from California and it was amazing corn. Thick, heavy and really tasty looking!


Sweet Corn…doesn’t that look good?

Luscious Corn


Great looking corn for a grilling day

Ultimately, we had a meal fit for a King (and his queen!!) No meat, nothing per packaged — ALL fresh goodness!!


A Meal Fit for a Spring King and his Queen

While finishing up the asparagus, we also put some fresh pineapple on the grill. This was our dessert and it was absolutely sweet as can be.


Grilling Pineapple and Asparagus


Grilled Pineapple — look at those stripes!

After a lunch like this, we were both feeling great, but took a nap anyway.

It was a wonderful afternoon!!
Nothing was missing!!

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