Calls for Accountability – Here You Go

Sumoflam is going artsy with his veggies…how about some romanesque broccoli? Is that the Fractal Diet? This came in Bountiful Baskets last weekend.  Most amazing vegetable I have ever seen and soon to say I have ever eaten.


I have had a couple of friends recently tell me that I need to be more accountable and that they would hold me to it!  Thank goodness for friends, even when they do occasionally give in to cute old me….

Well, here you go.  Yesterday morning I weighed in at 445. That is only about 8 pounds in the last month, but 17 less than what I was back in November after Thanksgiving.  So, progress is being made.

OK, so I do slip occasionally, such as enjoying some cookies shipped to me from a friend back around Christmas. This came in a goodie basket…man made art

Have I slipped.  Of course I have.  there has been a cookie here and a nibble on other things there.  But I am certainly getting better.  Last week, after Julianne made some STRONG juices, I drank them, felt less hungry and (for you that like TMI) had some “incredible bulk”moments as a result.

Green Juice is good for the system

So, for those that are heckling me for accountability, here you go.  Keep on heckling, keep on checking up.  It helps.  And don’t give in if I beg for a treat….

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