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Downhill Climb Days 79-82: More Progress – Down 41 pounds!

First off, you will notice that the title no longer says “Fitness Challenge.”  I have now changed it to my “Downhill Climb.”  Though my weight is still dropping, this is NOT easy.  It is like climbing UP a mountain…grueling at times, challenging always.  Temptations run rampant, whether it be the temptation to not go walking, […]

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Vegan cupcakes!

There is a cupcake place in Lexington that makes vegan cupcakes, but only on Saturday. They are not fat free, but they are vegan! Thank you baby cakes! BabyCakes Cupcakes

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How about some chocolate?

Okay, who says a vegan diet can’t have goodies? How about chocolate? No, not that milk and butter infused Hershey’s kisses chocolate…but rather DARK chocolate Cote d’ Or Belgian Dark Chocolate Confection OK, chocolate is not fat free and obviously has some sugar. But, the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate are good for you and ooh…that […]

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