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Hardee’s – The AntiVegan

When I was traveling a couple of months ago – pre-vegan eat anything I wanted days – I went to a Hardee’s and saw the following sign… ‘Nuff said!! Pipe in if you wish. I thought it was funny…still do. But I eat (and enjoy) tofu all the same. Lived in Japan for six years. […]

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I can relate to this — one problem with a vegan based diet (Prepare to laugh)

This was shared on Facebook.  I am also sharing it here.  Click on the link below and prepare to laugh.  I can totally relate to this as can many, I believe. This is a gas (literally)

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Being Overweight – Part III: Can you see the real me?

Back in 1973 the amazing rock group The Who released an awesome Rock Opera on an album called Quadrophenia.Perhaps my favorite song on the album is “The Real Me”. It is about a guy named Jimmy with four different personalities.  However, for me, the lyrics have always stuck with me…Can you see the real me? […]

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Anyone want to try this?


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Sweat Pants are falling down

A friend if mine on Facebook posted this. I chuckled. You can too!!

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