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Is Fat The Worst Thing a Human Can Be?

Saw this posted elsewhere today… Though I prefer to be called PHAT (Pretty Handsome And Tall), I can relate to this. Being overweight and trying to get in better health is tough enough, but the discrimination we face is ridiculous!! This is the best thing J.K. Rowling has written yet!!! I am striving to be […]

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New Year Same Objectives


Time to start a new year. This generally means reflecting on the previous year, resetting, getting resolutions and goals in order. But for me, it is only a new year and I continue on the same path pressing forward towards better health and better eating habits, which will lead to more weight loss. As I […]

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Why it’s so hard: Cravings, Temptations and Self-Honesty

As I watch TV nightly, I am amazed at how many food commercials are on. For example, as we watched one 30 minute program the following commercials appeared during the epsiode: Taco Bell Smothered Burrito, CheezIts, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Arby’s, Sonic Pretzel Dog, Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce and Burger King. On a second hour long program […]

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I Know Where I’m Going

I know exactly where I’m going, and I’m getting closer and closer everyday.

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Back at it Again!!

It has been a few months since I have had the courage to get back into the swing of things and get my physical life back on track. My life has been a whirlwind of travel, stress, job bouncing, life reflection and the like. I have not had time mentally or emotionally to try to […]

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