Day 9: Chips and Salsa Soup

Day 9. We have deviated from the 21 day kick-start recipe plan, but had some excellant food today so far.

For breakfast we had rolled oats with some leftover trail mix added. It was great!!

For lunch we are having McDougall’s meal plan Day 1 Chip and Salsa Soup which also had Julianne’s homemade fat free tortilla chips. The recipe called for fat free tortilla chips. Has anyone found fat free tortilla chips in the store? We never have. They’re easy to make by just buying fat free corn tortillas and baking them in a 400 Degree oven until they’re crisp and lightly brown. We also added a very light spritz of olive oil so that the salt and garlic salt dusting would adhere to the chips. The soup was awesome with fresh tomatoes, green onions and avocados. Juli also added the last bit of leftover Portabella fajita mixture which included roasted red peppers and onions. Hey – we forgot to add cilantro!


Great stuff for a cold rainy day!

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