Downhill Climb Day 100: A Progress Report!

Day 100!

Yesterday was Day 100 of what was initially called my “Fitness Challenge” and has since become my “Downhill Climb.”  Following is a brief progress report after 100 Days of making it happen.  Perhaps others on similar journeys have had better or worse results, but I aver that this is MY personal journey and I am going at the pace best for me, considering my weight, my health, my work schedule, etc.

Ultimately, I am very happy about my progress thus far.  Am I where I had hoped to be after 100 days?  Not quite, but I am almost there.  Circumstances seem to make things more difficult, but they are only temporary difficulties…bumps in the road

So, how about some updates?

Loss of 40 pounds over 100 days

  • On April 1 I started out at 450 pounds. On day 100 I was at 410 pounds.  40 pounds gone.  40 boxes of butter.  Four 10 pound bags of taters. One 5 gallon bottle of water….  Get it?

More butter and taters are gonna add up soon as I continue the Downward Climb to 350.





  • On April 1 I could hardly walk around the block with knee pain and stamina.  Yes, I could walk, but it was tough.  On June 13, about one month ago, I completed a 5K race.  Last to finish..but I finished (and that was after already putting in nearly 8000 steps earlier in the day!!!).  Since then, I have done my daily walks and have done 5K four times.

In fact, according to my Argus app (by Azumio), since April 1 I have walked 40 sessions and logged 76.3 miles…that is just the “walks” where I tell the app I am walking.  According to MapMyWalk, which I have been using longer, I have logged 98.81 miles walking over a total of 43 hours hoofing it.

Since June 1, when I first began using Argus, I have logged nearly 198,000 steps. And every step counts! I logged 162,363 in the month of June alone (that’s 63.93 miles)

My first “official” walk of my Downhill Climb journey…logged on April 1..a total of 1.2 miles

Showing off my finisher medal after the 5K event. Yes, I finished!

Sumoflam at 450 pounds on April 1, 2015

  • On April 1 I was in a size 66 waist size pair of pants.  I now fit into a size 58.

This is Sumoflam, on July 3 at 40 pounds down

  • Over the course of this journey I have met some great inspirational folks and picked up some great mentors and supporters.  I have met and become great friends with former Navy SEAL and SEAL TEAM SIX member Rob Roy, the author of The Navy SEAL Art of War.  He has become an inspiration and a mentor.  I will soon be doing some work for him as a result.  I also got to meet and talk to Joe Cross, the now famous guy behind the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. His newest book, Fully Charged, has also become a source of drive and inspiration for me.  My wife and I got to also attend a pre-screening of the movie PlantPure Nation and we met T. Colin Campbell, the author of the famed China Study.  We met his son Nelson, the director of PlantPure Nation as well.

Sumoflam with Rob Roy

Sumoflam with Joe Cross, of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Julianne and me with China Study author and world renowned nutritionist T. Colin Campbell

Got to meet and talk to Nelson Campbell, Director of PlantPure Nation

  • Along the way I have documented with selfies…taking my fun #SmileAtAMile #TwoMileSmile and eventually even #ThreeMileSmile selfies.  I will continue this trend with each “official” walk (one in which I record it on Argus and MapMyWalk

My First Smile at a Mile photo…on April 25

A Three Mile Smile from June 24

  • And of course, I have amassed a “Team” of followers and supporters from family, friends and even unknowns who have come across me.  I call them “Team Sumoflam.”  My friend Antsy McClain even created a logo for me, which we later adapted for the 5K event as part of the Great American Fitness Challenge on June 13.  Team Sumoflam has been a driving force for me with all of their encouragement and support.  If you are reading this today, YOU are Team Sumoflam!!

Team Sumoflam Logo…and yes, there is a meaning to Lot #9. Ask me about it.

Team Sumoflam T-shirt design

Rob Roy and his assistant Jen don their Team Sumoflam shirts in support. Rob has been an inspirational Mentor throughout all of this.

What’s coming on the agenda?  These are my next few landmark objectives in the Downhill Climb Journey:

  • 400 Independence – Still battling to declare Independence from the 400s.  I have not been under 400 pounds since 2002.  I am getting close.  Should happen in July
  • Start gym workouts and weight training
  • Walk another 5K event – I am shooting to attend the Midsummer Night’s Run 5K on August 8 in Lexington
  • 350 Birthday Present – Though a HUGE challenge, I am shooting to be at 350 by my 59th birthday on October 4th.  I have a 350 present goal – a new bicycle

Its not easy.  Its not fun. But it is worth it.  I refuse to be at the mercy of my body.  I will be the commander of my body. My future is so bright I gotta wear shades…look at that glow behind me!!

My future is glowing…


KAri - July 10, 2015 - 12:45

Hey Brotherman, we share the same birthday! You have inspired me along your way there, so much that I’ve actually gone vegetarian! I’ve been working up to that for over a year, so it wasn’t really hard (and I still crave bacon sometimes), but it feels better already. Thank you! You’re amazing, and I think you can get your new bike yet. Keep on keepin on… 🙂

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