Downhill Climb Day 103: BBQ and this week’s weigh in

Let’s start off with some good news! The official weigh-in has me at 407 pounds today, down another 1.6 pounds from yesterday. Only 7 pounds to go for #400Independence! This additional weight loss was exciting to me as I’m finally getting back to the point where I was before my daughter’s wedding.  My lowest weight so far has been about 406 pounds.

My weight loss graph for the last 3 months

Now for the other interesting news. Julianne and I have toyed with the idea of vegan barbecue for many months. We had learned of a recipe using the Asian fruit called jack fruit as a replacement for pulled pork. Yesterday, we finally broke down and tried it and it was fabulous! Honestly, if you didn’t know you were eating jack fruit, you would’ve absolutely thought you were eating pulled pork… No kidding. (I actually had three guys at work taste test it…they were fooled).

Jack Fruit BBQ dinner…wholesome and fresh and meatless

There are many interesting recipes for it, but it seems that most of them do as we did, and that is use canned jack fruit in water or brine. And, unlike pulled pork, jack fruit BBQ can be thrown together very quickly, in less than an hour. Following are a couple of links to some good recipes.

BBQ Pulled Jack Fruit

Pulled Jack Fruit Sandwich

A jack fruit in the skin and sliced open

Along with the jack fruit BBQ, Julianne made a very good slaw to go in our BBQ sandwich. It was made of shredded cabbage and the guacamole that we get at Costco. That was all there was to it.

Sunday ended up being a very restful day and a day to get caught up on chores at home. Life has been hectic for both Julianne and me, with her schooling and work and then my work and my additional evening work. It was nice to finally get some chores done around the house. Also nice to get a nice Sunday nap!

Tomorrow I am off to Salt Lake City for business.

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