Downhill Climb Day 83: Juicing It!

Meeting Joe Cross in Louisville on 6/15. He is the star and producer of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and author of a new book.

Early into my “Fitness Challenge” Julianne and I had determined to do juice for breakfast, salad for lunch and then a solid meal for dinner. During that period I experienced some immediate weight loss and began feeling better.  However, over the course of the journey, due to schedules, lack of juiceable veggies and then a recommendation to NOT juice by a doctor, we dropped it.

However, about a week ago we went to see Joe Cross (see blog post about it), famous from “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and were inspired again to get the juicing back in action.  Ultimately, we must take control of our health destiny ourselves and, since we had good experiences and success with this, we are again taking to juicing.

Juicing it on Monday morning with a tasty “orange juice” made of carrots, some other veggies and some apples (I think)


On Sunday Julianne and I worked together to prep the veggies (80%) and the fruits (20%) for juicing.  We made three different kinds and vacuum sealed them into our mason jars for quick and easy breakfast.  I took one with me yesterday morning and enjoyed it immensely.  The Juice really helps get me some energy and, as long as it is not overwhelmingly strong (which some are), it really makes me feel good too.

On Sunday we also mad and vacuum sealed Salads in a Jar for the next three days.  Its nice to have something quick and easy!!  Of course, we continue to make our 3-2-1 Dressing, which is also quick, easy, fat-free and tasty on a salad.  We found some jalapeno mustard which adds a little zing to it.


After work last night we had some leftovers for dinner and then a great fruit salad with some of our fruit from Bountiful Baskets as well as some of our own home-grown boysenberries.  It was a good day!

Monday dinner – the stir fried bok choy and onions was to die for!


KAri - June 23, 2015 - 15:37

Heyyyyy, lovin’ that downward curve; 40 pounds, yes!!! 🙂 Did I miss the 3 mile smile??? You’ll need to do that again then, please. 😉

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