Downhill Climb Day 86: Just One More

For today’s blog post I am stealing a theme from one of the chapters of former Navy SEAL Rob Roy’s “The Navy SEAL Art of War.” The title of the chapter is “Just One More” and it alludes to breaking out of our habits and getting “just one more,” whether it mean one more rep, one more lap, one more mile.

The only thing the Just One More philosophy will not enter into my life is with things like “just one more cookie” or “just one more French fry.”  But, “just one more ‘No’ ” should work!!

Smile at a Mile on June 25

All of my life I have been a “counter” and a “collector,” always wanting just one more of whatever it is I am counting or collecting.  I love statistics. And I cling on to the challenge of “just one more.”  Now, with iPhone and Android apps that count your steps all day and can keep track of your walks, runs and bike rides, there is a way to push to that “just one more.”

Yesterday was a case in point.  I put in a 12 hour work day, both at the BrainBox office as well as at my home office.  Website work can be a drain on the brain.  But, as 8:30 rolled around, my wife was still doing home work and the thought of getting out and walking began to gnaw at me.  Sure, I had excuses…I was tired, my knees and muscles ached from the previous mornings’ 5K walk, it was late…but, “just one more” kicked into my mind.  I thought to myself, I need the additional effort, even if it is only a mile or so.


Rob Roy

As I have mentioned before, Rob Roy has become a mentor to me.  He is competitive and, even from afar, is LITERALLY monitoring my every step.  Mind you, Rob Roy is a beast…muscular, diligent, disciplined, undaunting and always in a “can do” mind set.  When I met with him a couple of weeks ago he turned me on to the Argus app.  This app helps me track my steps, my weight, my calories, meals, sleep, etc.  And, it has a Social media aspect to it as you can friend others and even compete with them.  It helps build another community, such as what I wrote about yesterday.



The Argus App Interface


The Argus Weeklong Rumble

With the Argus app Rob is indeed not only tracking my steps, but making me track his as well.  As you can see from the photo, we are in a weeklong “rumble” to see who gets the most steps.  Rob is killing it, but this 59 year old 400 pounder is breathing hard down his back.  We have been going at it since Monday.  Julianne has joined in as well.

You can see that as of Day 5, Rob has exceeded the 30K step mark and I am just over 24,000.  My 6,000 yesterday helped close the gap, but he continues to advance.  He also knows who is gaining—HA!

There is also a nice communication interface where you can “post” to.  There are a few others under Rob’s comment.

I love this app.

Bottom line, I took the walk last night and got “just one more” mile in.  It all adds up and all impacts my ultimate weight and health.  And, in the end, hopefully, I am gaining “just one more” day of life as a result!!  Soon this “just one more” will get me to my independence from 400…hopefully by Independence Day 2015! (#400Independence)

Just One More!

KAri - June 26, 2015 - 12:49

Hi Dave! What is the App, of which you speak? Is this a thing for smartphones, or a type of externally worn device? Rob Roy is….hubba hubba! 🙂 Challenging him with your walking is Awesome. 😀

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