Downhill Climb Day 97: A Sleepless Night

A real sign I saw in California a few weeks ago. Honest!

OK…two days ago I was lamenting about the weight I had gained over last week with the strange work schedules, a daughter’s wedding and Fourth of July festivities.  I had to face the fact, it was a rough week.  But weight is only a number.

But, the last couple of days the Doobie Brothers were running through my head with “It Keeps You Running” as I made more than frequent trips to the restroom to take care of business. Indeed, last night I was up EVERY HOUR having to go and I really didn’t have THAT much water to drink during the day (though we had some watermelon at a friends’ house that evening.) So, it begs the question, does losing weight make you pee more? Or is it the other way around?  Honestly, it doesn’t matter…

Here’s the gist of it.  I had less sleep and frequent walks to the bathroom and this morning I weighed just over 410.  So, I have literally lost 5 pounds in 2 days…all that water that decided to take a vacation in my body decided it was time to go home.

It was the second night in a row for this flowing fun time at night (and during the day).  But it was delightful to know that I am now back to only 4 pounds away from where I was on June 24.  I am back on track…

So why does this happen?  My research has shown me that while daily fluctuations in the amount of water one drinks and sodium one eats can account for most of the water one retains, simply being in a caloric deficit can cause water retention. A major reason for this is the fact that it raises cortisol levels, which in turn increases fluid retention.  I find this interesting as my wife noted to me just a couple of days ago that she was afraid I was NOT eating enough…and I think she was right.  And back to the good eating habits, my body decided that it didn’t need to retain the fluids anymore and I am benefiting by more exercise on the way to the lou… <smile>

How can I NOT be happy with a 5 pound loss in two days…mostly water?  Back on that #400Independence road in this Downhill Climb.


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