Downhill Climb Days 110-114: Injuries are a Pain


Ouch! Plantar’s Fasciitis

 I’ve been asked lately by some “What happened to the Smile at a Mile pics?” Well, for nearly two weeks I have been dealing with a painful heel that makes it really difficult to walk for extended periods. I believe the issue is Plantar Fasciitis, but I’m not a doctor so this is an uneducated self-diagnosis.



 What bums me out is that I know all the walking has helped immensely with all of the initial weight loss and health gains. Further, the best way for it to heal is staying off of it and giving it a rest. A real bummer!

And this is the big dilemma for big people who are trying to get smaller. We get caught in what I am calling the “Catch 22 Trap.” As heavy people we have a greater propensity for injury because of the impact of our weight on our knees and feet. Sure, bike riding may be better, but few bikes are made for 400+ pound folks. That is why I am desperate to get under 400 and down to 350. Many bikes can handle 350.

  Painful heel aside, the past week has presented other challenges for us as we are preparing to leave for a weeklong trip to Washington. We both have spent a good deal of evening time with homework, web work and shopping. These time constraints throw our eating prep into a tailspin.

Despite all of this, I am still hovering at around 406, which is better than putting it back on. 

Hopefully the heel will heal soon and those two mile smiles will return!

KAri - July 24, 2015 - 21:23

Washington?? Are you coming to visit me? Yay! 😀 I hope so. Sorry about your heel, that sucketh, yea verily. Like everyone and their cousin, I will suggest Pilates, but obviously not the exercises that involve heel work. It is a rough one there, but you will persevere, I am certain. Hang tough, and tell me where you are going in Washington. I am down across from Portland. Katie and Bill are coming up next month too, for a family reunion or something. It would be great to have a wee party! 🙂

sumoflam - July 24, 2015 - 21:26

We will actually be up in Port Orchard KAri. Would be great to see you, but we won’t be getting that far south…we may get to Tacoma for the zoo…

KAri - July 27, 2015 - 12:24

Ohhh…too bad. 🙁 I hope you have a good time though. I understand the Seattle Aquarium is pretty great, if you don’t feel like going to Tacoma. Traffic down there can suck, but the zoo is nice. Have fun, and we’ll meet up eventually. 🙂

sumoflam - July 27, 2015 - 12:54

We’ll be going to Tacoma on Friddy

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