Downhill Climb Days 125-133: Vacation, Sickness and Weight Loss


On the Ferry

A few days ago we returned from a 10 day trip to Washington to see our daughter, her husband and our sweet grandchildren. It was an amazing and fun trip. But it was also tiresome and gruelling as we pushed the limits every day to see as much as we could see and to enjoy as much as we could enjoy.


Burger for Lunch at Fat Smitty’s in Port Townsend, WA

As I alluded to in my previous blog post, I did vacation at times from my whole foods plant-based regimen. But, I also need to commend my daughter and son-in-law for their efforts to provide meals that would help us stay fairly close in most cases. Overall, I believe that we all did pretty good.


Relaxing on a beach in Washington

Upon our return home to Kentucky, I weighed myself on Friday last week, and I had gained a total of 3 1/2 pounds during the entire trip. Honestly, I was shocked that it was only that much as I had also indulged in a nice big hamburger and had barbecue one evening. I even indulged in Dairy Queen ice cream cones a couple of times.


Fun Times With Family

I must note, however, that like Julianne and me, our daughter Amaree also participates in bountiful baskets food co-op and so we did have lots of fruit and vegetables, we had oatmeal for breakfast, and had some good things to munch on on our trips.


Losing Weight is NOT Easy Street!

Our Saturday last week was a very busy day with work for both Julianne and me and then we had our own bountiful baskets work on Saturday afternoon. I did not feel well as I had gotten a cold while I was in Washington and soon went to bed on Saturday night.


Laid up sick on Sunday

On Sunday morning I woke up not feeling well at all. My head felt numb and I was very congested and I could not even really get out of bed. I was laid up in bed sick until about 7 PM and finally got up and had some amazing bean stew that Julianne had made. It actually made me feel a little better, but back to bed I went and we slept straight through the night despite sleeping all day on Sunday.


Results to smile about

To my joy and bliss, I arose on Monday morning to weigh myself, which I had not done for two weeks. I came in at 405.6! My lowest yet and just a few pounds away from my independence from 400.

As I have noted in previous posts, my heel continues to nag at me and has made it very difficult to walk long distances. I feel a need and desire to exercise and hope to start going to the gym next week and maybe do some upper body lifting and cardio things that don’t impact my heel for a while.


I can find a way!

Getting my weight down and getting healthier is not an easy task. In some cases it’s daunting! But since we have returned, we are trying to eat better again and get back on track and I can feel it coming off. The jeans I bought a few days before our trip are already getting loose on me and almost falling off!

I must be vigilant and diligent in my efforts! By so doing, I will get to where I want to be and where i will certainly be better off being at.

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