Downhill Climb Days 79-82: More Progress – Down 41 pounds!

Yes!! I broke the 40 pound mark!

First off, you will notice that the title no longer says “Fitness Challenge.”  I have now changed it to my “Downhill Climb.”  Though my weight is still dropping, this is NOT easy.  It is like climbing UP a mountain…grueling at times, challenging always.  Temptations run rampant, whether it be the temptation to not go walking, to sit there or to grab a yummy snack (that won’t help the cause), there is always a fight between cravings and mindset.  Mindfulness is a keyword in this “downhill climb.”

Next, I want to let the world know that I have broken the 40 pound mark in my weight loss.  This is since April 1.  As of yesterday morning I weighed 408.6, representing a 41.4 pound loss in 82 days.  STILL averaging about a half-pound per day over the entire course.

My weight loss chart for the past three months is below.  Remember, I started at 450 on April 1.



Over the past couple of days life has been busy and I have not been able to do a daily post…but that has not stopped me from pushing on.  We have had a few great meals thanks to Julianne’s expert cheffabilities….  Check out some of the goodies we have had over the past weekend:

Friday Dinner…a nice vegetable chowder, salad and Ezekiel Bread toast with hummus and tomatoes

Saturday breakfast… some whole grain cereal mix (home mixed) with fresh bananas, blueberries and HOME GROWN Boysenberries! Doused with Almond Milk

Father’s Day Breakfast – fried (no oil) potatoes with red peppers, jalapeno, baby portabello mushrooms and onions and a side of cantaloupe. It was yummy!!

And then there was Father’s Day dinner….WOWZA

Father’s Day Dinner was homemade vegan enchiladas…corn tortillas, layers of veggies and salsa… a side of salad and refried beans. Man, it was good!

Smile at a Mile on Saturday’s Walk

Obviously, I also got some walking in.  Both Saturday and Sunday we went to the Arboretum by UK.  On Saturday I walked about 2.19 miles…my knees hurt and sciatica kicked in, but I got most of the trail in.  On Sunday we had less time to walk, but I still got 1.69 miles in (and I took some wonderful photos of the flowers as well!!)

Both days were actually quite hot and humid, even at 7:30 PM.  Both were in excess of 80 degrees and with the humidity the heat index had to be in the mid to upper 90s.

I truly was SweatOFlam!!




Map My Walk on Saturday evening

SweatOFlam on Sunday….I was DRENCHED after a 1.5 mile walk.

As I progress on my downhill climb I continue to gain momentum.  Over the weekend, the two walks combined were over 5K, making the equivalent of more than three 5Ks in the last 8 days. Though it is requiring lots of sweat, I am feeling accomplished.  And I can see things working.

Another great impact is that I feel like I am sleeping better and more soundly.  Even at this big weight, the dropping of 40 pounds absolutely has a profound impact!!

I am so grateful for all of the support I get from the Team Sumoflam community.  You guys are great and I mean that!!

Technically, it is 12 days from July 4th.  That is my self-declared “400 Independence Day” when I shall once and for all declare independence from the 400 pounds that have been on my body since at least 2002…honestly, I don’t remember how long…just too long!

Another way I continue to drop is to get the extra steps in.  Just parking in the furthest spot from the church door helps.  I have to walk BOTH ways! (see the photo on the right).  As Rob Roy says “Just one more.”

I am getting into the habit of just parking a ways and walking.  It really isn’t so bad folks.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and all of the fathers are given a little token.  This year it was chocolate.  I argued with myself about it, but this time, I won out.  Chocolate is food too…just fun food.  And it was a special day and I didn’t go out of my way to get it.  And, I split it with my sweet wife.  It was a nice treat after a hard weekend.

I shall keep on trucking! And I shall “Embrace the Suck!”

Father’s Day chocolate…just had a little bit.

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