Downhill Climb Days 87-90: What’s Up?

This past week has been a challenging one for me. A few stressful moments and a lot of things going on for both my wife and me. This made things tough!

Early in the week I focused on juicing and salads at lunch and got in a couple of good walks as well, including a 3 mile plus walk. I did not really change much in my diet other than one big meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant with the grandkids. Admittedly, that one had a little… OK…Quite a bit of oil…more than I should’ve eaten.

Having Chinese dinner at Asian Bistro Express with the Grandkids. I ate the Sumoflam Special (Vegetable Lo Mein made with Sriracha) and some veggie sushi. The kids all ate their food too!

Smile at a Mile on my two mile walk on Sunday

By the end of the week I had actually gained 2 pounds which was quite disconcerting to me because I hadn’t done anything different other than the Chinese food.  Saturday we spent some time with the grandkids and went to the Chinese restaurant mentioned above. I had my usual lo mein with vegetables but she had given me some Chinese chili sauce sauce which used a bit more generously than I should have,  and it turns out that the chili sauce had lots of oil in it. But it sure was good!

I even gained AFTER a two mile walk on Sunday.

A nice salad for dinner on Sunday

Of course, the body’s metabolism is strange and everybody’s acts a little bit differently. I actually am wondering if my stress levels may have caused me to keep and/or gain a little bit of weight this week despite my relative non-change of eating habits. Some things I have read indicate that large amounts of stress makes our body kick in to a “fight or flight” feeling which, in turn, fuels our muscles with additional sugar. To move the sugar from our blood to our muscles requires insulin, the hormone that opens the gates to the cells and lets the sugar in,” says a diabetes expert at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. And high levels of sugar and insulin set the stage for the body to store fat.  So, maybe that could be at least part of the cause.

Then there is the thing called “glycogen” (the form of carbohydrate you stow away in your liver and muscles, which serves as a back-up fuel, like an energy piggy bank).  Or it could be that my body decided, for some reason (too much salt?) to store more water.  Hmmm…..

Still eating healthy. Lunch last Friday consisted of Kim Chee, brown rice and a carrot slaw with pineapple

Obviously I am not going to let this impact the long-term effort. This is a journey and there will be ups and downs. In the case of weight this is definitely so. And my journey is not totally just about weight. It is also about bettering my health which includes my cholesterol levels, my heart rate and blood pressure, and other factors.

Despite the weight gain, I did have a couple of wins this week. I did a 3 mile walk and a couple of other good walks in and actually probably set an all-time record for one week as I broke 40,000 steps this week. To me, that was a real feat with my feet!

Last Week’s Walking challenge with Rob Roy and Julianne. I didn’t beat Rob, but I bested myself!!

My Two Mile Smile on Sunday morning’s walk.

On Sunday morning I got a good 2 mile walk in before church, make sure to park in the furthest parking space at church for a long walk to and from and so I do feel good about the efforts that I made over the week.

This upcoming week promises more life events that could cause some stress and challenge as our daughter Chelsea has a wedding coming up and then there are other things going on with Julianne’s school and our work, etc.
The key for me, as I weighed in at 410 pounds (a gain of 4 from the previous week), is to not let this get me down or cause me to lose momentum.  Who knows, it could be a water storage thing that drinking more water will resolve…or maybe some bananas, cantaloupe and melons…we’ll see next week.  Following is my weight chart…I did promise to always show results, good or bad.  IT IS A JOURNEY!! The #400Independence Day drive is still alive and well.  Just may take longer than July 4.

Weight loss the past three months

KAri - July 5, 2015 - 09:14

Hi Dave! Yes, for Sure weight will cling when you’re stressed, no question. Mind your BP too, as if you don’t already know that. I hope your stressful situations ease up now, with the big week/weekend over. I Love looking at your chart, and was dismayed at the slight gain, but I’m sure you’ll knock that back down this week even. Alllllmost 40 pounds in 3 months?? That’s perfect! That freakin weight is gone for good! Yay!!

sumoflam - July 5, 2015 - 09:17

Thanks KAri….yes, 4 ten pound bags of taters are gone….more going soon. A new post will be out today!! Thanks always!

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