Fitness Challenge Day 23 – Beautiful Uneventfulness

Sunrise over Jacobson Lake – Photo by Sumoflam Productions

There are some days on a journey that not much happens. Yesterday was one of those days. It was a beautiful, cool 59° clear sky day. I pressed forward and did well on my eating. I did not walk in order to give my aching knees a rest. For breakfast I had an organic apple and a pear. For lunch, a very good salad with apples in it, cashews as well and that awesome 3-2-1 dressing. I also had some fresh fruit from our fruit mix left over from the previous evening.

Stay the Course

It is always prudent to keep the course. Eating well is certainly part of the course. Walking is as well. So, despite not getting in an “official” walk yesterday,  I did other things to stay the course. For instance, last night was Date Night and we did some shopping and then dinner. In each case, rather than park close, I parked a distance away forcing me to walk there and back. Those efforts, plus walking in the store, probably warranted a half mile of walking!

Saul Veggie Pizza (requested without mozzarella cheese). Has arrabiata sauce and lots of grilled veggies

Speaking of dinner, last night was our one night out. We went to Saul Good for dinner. They have a couple of good vegan/ PlantPure options. We got a Saul Veggie pizza without cheese and a Thai pizza without chicken. Both had lots of good grilled veggies and both were tasty!!

Saul Good’s Thai Pizza (ordered without chicken), comes with Peanut sauce, sweet chili-garlic sauce, carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, peanuts & lime.

Yes, you can find a good PlantPure pizza if you look hard (or ask me…)

After returning home at about 8 PM, my goal was to get a good night’s rest, get up early and walk and be ready for a new day (which I did!!)

Sunset over Lexington, KY – Photography by Sumoflam Productions

I to want remind all my readers to come join Team Sumoflam at the Great American Fitness Challenge in Lexington, KY on June 13. It will be held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park and features a 5K, a 15K, an Open Steeplechase and an Elite Steeplechase. You can register by clicking the link below. Anyone that participates on Team Sumoflam will get a specially designed t-shirt with artwork by singer/songwriter/artist Antsy McClain.

Great American Fitness Challenge Registration

Great American Fitness Challenge 2015

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