Fitness Challenge Day 24 – (Don’t) Let the Little Things Go

Enjoy the Little Things

As I reflect on the events of yesterday, it dawned on me how important the “little things” are.  Things such as parking, snacking, resting, etc. Sure, there are little things we can let go, but, in the midst of a lifestyle change to better your health, there are lots of little things that can possibly make a big difference.

One Car in a Parking Lot…a long way to walk

Take for instance parking in a shopping center.  For yeas I have sought to park in the closest place I could find.  Now, as I seek to improve my health, the extra long walk is beneficial for me.  Why not do the “little thing” and park a ways away and hoof it to the store.  We did that yesterday…it was great.

Just one more snack?

How about the snacks? The “little thing” of avoidance is will pay dividends.  It has taken me many years to learn to just walk away, just say no!  I did this at work the other day…

Just Say No…I never had one!!

Instead, we are coming up with healthy alternatives.  How about these fat free pretzels with this fresh guacamole made only of avocados, tomatoes and some spices?

Guacamole on a pretzel

The little things do make a big difference in the long run.  Every step on the walk.  Every sugary, fatty thing avoided. Its not the perfection that counts…its the effort to not the let the little things go, like parking a long way from the store, avoiding the refreshment lines at the art gallery reception, etc.

Jamie Showkeir

Yesterday was one of those difficult days in terms of pushing.  My knee hurt from the git go, but I felt like I needed to walk.  After getting to the corner of our cul-de-sac, I almost turned around.  Then, the thought of my brother-in-law Jamie Showkeir came to mind.  He has been stricken with ALS for nearly a year and can no longer walk (see this nice article about Jamie from the Arizona Republic in Sept. 2014). I was determined to make it.  Every step and every drop of sweat I dedicated to Jamie.  I could feel his vivacious spirit driving me forward.  He and his wife Maren are also motivational writers with two books. Before ALS Jamie was as active as anyone could be in their late 50s.  An avid bike rider, a practitioner of yoga…always had a positive attitude (and still does!!).

Jamie in his wheelchair

Its amazing how one man’s struggle can turn into a driving inspiration for someone else.  Jamie’s mind is still sharp as a needle and I am sure he wishes he could take just one more step.  Well, yesterday’s walk was for you Jamie!

This Walk’s For You Jamie!

Despite the pained knees, I pushed an additional 600-700 feet to get in a 1.69 mile walk.  it was the thoughts of Jamie that kept me going…not a little thing!

My walk route for April 24 – 1.69 miles

Smile at a Mile – going to make an effort to smile at every mile. My MapMyWalk tells me when I have hit a mile. It was 5:30 AM, so I had to get this with a street lamp…so, a bit grainy

After the walk it was off to work.  We had some steel-cut oats for breakfast and then I had a nice lunch of baked yams and some zucchini and yellow squash.  Finished it off with one of those amazing Lady Alice apples from Bountiful Baskets.

Another PlantPure meal – baked yams and zucchini and yellow squash with onions

I am getting used to a PlantPure lifestyle.  It has taken some getting used to, but I am certainly seeing the benefits.

After work Julianne and I went to Gumbo Ya Ya for dinner.  It is our goal to only eat once a week since it is difficult to monitor what ingredients go in.  But, we were going to attend the University of Kentucky Symphony and Chorus presentation of Mozart’s Requiem.  Gumbo Ya Ya always has a daily vegan special, so it is very PlantPure friendly.  Once again, we parked a distance from there and could get some walking in.

Enjoying the UK Symphony and Choirs performance of Mozart’s Requiem

I to want remind all my readers to come join Team Sumoflam at the Great American Fitness Challenge in Lexington, KY on June 13. It will be held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park and features a 5K, a 15K, an Open Steeplechase and an Elite Steeplechase. You can register by clicking the link below. Anyone that participates on Team Sumoflam will get a specially designed t-shirt with artwork by singer/songwriter/artist Antsy McClain.

Great American Fitness Challenge Registration

Great American Fitness Challenge 2015

Jane Birch - April 25, 2015 - 23:59

Love these posts! Keep on the straight and narrow, David!

sumoflam - April 28, 2015 - 09:29

Thanks Jane for the Great Support!!

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