Fitness Challenge Day 26 – Eat Right and Sleep Tight

Yesterday was a restful day.  I always try to make Sunday a day of rest.  I figure that if God needed a day of rest, shouldn’t I also take one?  Julianne and I were up early and I composed my blog and she prepared a nice breakfast of steel cut oats with some craisins and nuts.  Yum!

I did my Sunday morning weigh in and I was at 434.6.  Was not happy about that.  I had gained. (Note: I weighed in on Monday – as I write this – and was 431.8!!! – Had to be the “Eat Right, Sleep Tight Diet” from Sunday!!)

Then it was off to church, which ends up being a four hour block of time for us including choir rehearsal.  I have decided to make parking lot walks part of my efforts and did so this day, parking as far away from the door as I could.

Parking lot walking – the church is way back there behind me. A little extra walking does some good!

After church we got home, had a lunch of leftovers — lots from the last two days.   We then took a nap.  In the evening, with knees hurting, I decided not to walk again.  Give ’em a rest!

So, for today, it was just Eat Right and Sleep Tight.  Sometimes it does the body good. And eating right is eating PlantPure!

I to want remind all my readers to come join Team Sumoflam at the Great American Fitness Challenge in Lexington, KY on June 13. The discounted rates are only good until May 8 and then they go up. A few of my Lexington family and friends have said they would come join me, but only one has registered so far. to remind you, it will be held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park and features a 5K, a 15K, an Open Steeplechase and an Elite Steeplechase. You can register by clicking the link below. Anyone that participates on Team Sumoflam will get a specially designed t-shirt with artwork by singer/songwriter/artist Antsy McClain.

Great American Fitness Challenge Registration

Great American Fitness Challenge 2015

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