Fitness Challenge Day 31 – Team Sumoflam Logo Reveal!

The time has come for the big reveal!  Yesterday, Antsy McClain sent the new Team Sumoflam logo to me…one in two colors for tee shirts and another colorized one for print and media use.  Those individuals that register for and participate in the Great American Fitness Challenge on June 13 AND sign on to Team Sumoflam, will get a Team Sumoflam logo t-shirt as part of the deal! Without further adieu….

The T-shirt version:

Team Sumoflam Logo for T-shirts. Simple yet fun.

The Colorized Version:

This is the colorized version for many other uses

I am really excited about the design…brings out my thumbs up attitude and smile.  Many have asked about Lot #9.  It is a reference from a song by Antsy McClain titled “Living in Aluminum” … “The secret’s being happy with your lot in life baby, and I’m pretty happy here in Lot #9” …. following is a live performance with horns and all from 2007 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  Video filmed and produced by Sumoflam Productions.

This song has multi-layers of meaning, but the real key is to live the Aluminum Rule – “Enjoy the Ride” – no matter what your lot in life is.

And this I am doing.  Since April 1 I have strived to create a “better lot in life” through dietary adjustments and walking.  According to MapMyWalk, in April I logged 27.1 miles walking (over 53,500 steps) in 16 workouts.  I am sure that May will beat that.  In fact, yesterday was an excellent day all the way around!

Morning Green Juice

I started the morning off with a killer Green Juice.  I have not always been fond of these, but I am gaining more energy from them!  This one was made with celery, spinach, apples and other things.

Though every production of juice is different (and some are better than others, and others make my head spin…), they still provide plenty of nutrients from the raw juice in the 80% veggie 20% fruit juice.

Lunch was some leftovers…more BBQ beans and a salad.  I also had Lady Alice apples for snacks (they are so so good).



When we got home I walked.  I was determined to get to TWO Miles and flash that Two Mile smile. I made it too!! Here are my “Smile at a Mile” and my “Two Mile Smile” for the day:

Smile at a Mile and a Two Mile Smile for May 1

And my workout:

MapMyWalk workout for May 1

Delicious rice bowl for dinner

To close off the day we had a nice Mexican Rice bowl with refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow squash, salsa, guacamole and then I also doused it with some Sriracha Sauce for a little capsaicin rush.

Overall it was a wonderful day.

TeamSumoflam continues to roll!


KAri - May 2, 2015 - 17:44

Hey, conga-rats on your 2 mile smile, yay!! 🙂 🙂
The Fitness Challenge is, what? 5K? You can totally do that. Stoked about your progress, even if I can’t do the Challenge thing with you, as I’m a bit far. (yeah, far out, man!) The shirt design looks great, of course. That guy does some decent work, for a picker… 😉

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