Fitness Challenge Day 39 – The Shopping Workout

It used to be that shopping was a casual affair…park close, take your time, buy a snack or two for the trip home.

Not now. Since April 1 I have been on a journey to better health. This means the need to explore new ways to utilize my time effectively. One of these new ways is a change in attitude towards shopping.

Parking at Big Lots…a long walk for the exercise!

Whereas I used to drop Julianne off and wait in the car while she did the shopping or we would park close and go in and take our time, I am now parking as far away as I can and have become a “Speedwalk Shopper.” Yesterday is a case in point. We had certain things we needed. Our first stop was Big Lots in Hamburg Pavilion (a shopping area in Lexington, KY). We parked about 150 yards away….no cars anywhere nearby. Julianne looked at me and chuckled….

I used MapMyWalk for the occasion and ended up walking a third of a mile on that stop alone. And we walked fast, hurried through the store and walked quickly back.


This was the MapMyWalk Map for Big Lots and Bath and Body Works. Not too far, but it was still exercise

Our car is the little dot to the right of the two trees. I was halfway to Costco at this point.

Then, we were off to Costco for a bulk veggie run. We had cleared out our Bountiful Baskets stock in a week. Once again, I found the furthest corner and off we went. Even in the store there was no lounging. We knew we had to head to the fresh produce area so we trucked it there and then also went to the food area…all at a fast pace. After checking out, we took the long walk back to the car… Total effort was 1.2 miles. Yes, that’s right, 1.2 miles of walking while shopping!!

Costco is a big store and has some great produce you can get in bulk.  We will make Salads in a Jar and do some juicing and be ready for our Monday.

There are many other good PlantPure Options available in Costco and they have the BEST guacamole in the world (Tableside Chunky Guacamole).  No additives…just avocado, some spices and a couple of other fresh ingredients.  Makes a great substitute for butter on your freshly cooked corn on the cob too!!

You can see how far from Costco we were parked in the photo below.

Yes, shopping at Costco still got me my Smile at a Mile! I walked 1.2 miles while shopping at Costco (which you can see in the distance from where my car was parked.

This was my Speed Shopping Workout at Costco as shown on my MapMyWalk App

Whole wheat rigatoni with a garlic infused marinara for dinner. I needed the carbs!!

I worked up a good sweat after the shopping trips.  From there we had a couple of other stops and then a granddaughter’s dance recital downtown.  Afterward, we had a nice pasta dinner.

I had a nice dish of whole wheat rigatoni with a garlic infused marinara for dinner to finish off the day.

It was a wonderful day and I felt like I turned possible stumbling blocks (shopping and time) into something practical and beneficial, just by parking as far away as I could and walking faster.

Thanks to my sweet wife for being a good sport and joining Team Sumoflam by coming along with me on the Speed Shopping extravaganza.

Now, for another good week ahead of me!!


The Great American Fitness Challenge – come join Team Sumoflam on June 13!

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