Fitness Challenge Day 4 – A Day of Losing

It was a beautiful Saturday.  Started out cold and was coolish, but clear blues skies.  It was bound to be a good day…a visit with my granddaughter Autumn and a walk in the park, Bountiful Baskets pickup, a nice dinner and the UK Wildcats in the Final Four.

We started off the morning with steel cut oats again since we were out of most fruits and veggies to make juice.  Bountiful Baskets would fix that for the next week or so.  After that, we got a couple of errands done and then picked up my oldest grandchild, Autumn, and we were off to Jimmy John’s to get sandwiches, have a picnic in the park and take a walk.  Julianne and I both had the Vegetarian Sandwich.

We had Jimmy John’s for Lunch. I had the #6 Vegetarian sandwich, without mayonnaise and cheese, with additional avocado. Absolutely yummy

With Autumn we headed to the Arboretum to have a picnic and then walk. It is always a beautiful place and has many walking options, as well as a picnic area.

Julianne, Autumn and me at the Arboretum. It was also Final Four Game Day so we were dressed for it! Go Cats!

We sat down to enjoy our lunch and it was breezy and cool.

Enjoying lunch at the Arboretum….and photo bombed by Autumn!

After we ate, we decided to head to Pleasant Ridge Park, where we do Bountiful Baskets and walk the Brighton East Rail Trail instead. It is an easy trail, only one mile in length from start to finish (one way).  It was also next to the park.

At the beginning of the Brighton East Rail Trail as I started my walk on Day 4

I did not walk the full length of the route, but I did walk from the park to Polo Club Blvd. and then back, a total of 1.3 miles and about 30 minutes.  Here is the map of the walk:

My MapMyWalk map results from my walk

Despite the cool breeze and me in my short sleeve UK Shirt, I was still arm and sweaty after the walk…but smiling and happy.  My knee continued to hurt but I gutted it out to out my gut!!

A bit warm after the walk…took a breather before Bountiful Baskets

Soon it was time for Bountiful Baskets.  For those not in the know, Bountiful Baskets is a national food coop. It is a participatory experience. Participants all save a substantial amount of money on healthy food. In exchange there are no employees to guide participants through the experience.

Working Bountiful Baskets. Many volunteers and lots of great fruits and veggies!!

Unfortunately, our truck was late, so we got home a bit late…rather starved.  Julianne had a pot of beans cooking and when we got home we had some tasty beans (with smoky paprika, some onions and fresh Roma tomatoes — from Bountiful Baskets) and our Salad In A Jar…

A great tasting bowl of beans and a huge salad finished off the day

Tired from the day’s activities, we settled down to watch our UK Wildcats play Wisconsin in the second game of the Final Four after Duke won.  We were fully confident, that they would get their 39th victory and move on to the National Championship.

Bad News: Kentucky lost their first game all year.  Good News: I weighed in this morning (Sunday as I write this) – and see that I am down to 443 pounds…seven pounds since starting 4 days ago. More about that in my next post. At least there was one good loss!

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