Fitness Challenge Day 40 – 40 days, 25 pounds (almost)

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so it was a a day of rest.  Also, it was official weigh in day – weighed in at 425.6…almost 25 pounds down in 40 days. Following is my chart for the last month:

April 11-May 11 Weight Loss Graph

This is exciting to have gotten down nearly 25 pounds in 40 days.  But, I have about 32 days to go before the Great American Fitness Challenge 5K event and my hope is to be at 400 pounds by that day.  So, I will need to push a bit harder to get there.  Not gonna stop!

I Can!

David and sweetheart Julianne. The best mother I know.

As I mentioned, yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was a day for church and hanging with my sweetheart.  Made it a day of rest.

After getting home from church at about 2:30, we had a simple lunch…Bountiful Baskets granola with granola with Almond Milk.  Julianne made fun of it on Facebook, but that’s OK.  She is still my “Crunchy Granola Sweet” (reference to the 1970’s Neil Diamond song “Crunchy Granola Suite“)

We had a brief nap…actually never got to sleep…and then some of the grandkids came over to wish their sweet grandmother a happy Mother’s Day.  Always fun to have those sweet kids around.  Then we had a nice dinner that she and I worked on together and then we called it a day.

Dinner comprised of purple potatoes with onions and fresh green beans, some fresh tomato, corn on the cob with avocado and a fruit medley with cantaloupe, pineapple and orange

Before bed Julianne focused on getting us some juice and salads for Monday.  Starting it off again to push for more weight loss and healthy eating this week!  May the next 40 days commence!


KAri - May 11, 2015 - 11:43

Happy Mother’s day to your beautiful Julianne, who is the best partner you could ever have, I do believe. She’s gorgeous, she supports you, she’s looking after herself too; what more could anyone want? I am thrilled to see your numbers steadily dropping, and I’m serious when I say you are inspiring me to a healthier lifestyle, and hopefully weight loss as well. If you can do it, then maybe I can do it, and you Can do it, so I can too? Win win!! 😀 Heyyyyyy…maybe see you at Woodflock, eh?

sumoflam - May 11, 2015 - 16:25

Yes…indeed…you WILL see me at Woodflock!! And I’ll be doing the “Woodflock Walk” everyday (just made that up)!!

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