Fitness Challenge Day 48 – It’s a Slow Process

Getting a long neglected body back into shape is a long process. Let’s face it, it took me many years to get this “shapely” body. Bad habits take a long time to get rid of.  But progress can be made, even if it is only one step at a time.

Green Smoothies are a good way to start the day!!

Started off the morning with a good green smoothie.  Always yummy.  Seems more like drinking a shake for breakfast nowadays.

Julianne typically freezes bananas and those are used as the base.  She adds spinach or kale and then other fruits/veggies, typically frozen blueberries and such.

For lunch I had a nice salad and some beans and really stuck to it. Always feels good to eat right!!

I am finding that as I eat right, the temptation to eat things that really aren’t good for me begins to go away.  Doesn’t mean temptations aren’t there, but it does mean that I am able to deal with them much better.

The days go better and I feel more energized when eating properly.


My Smile at a Mile!

After work we headed home and I embarked on my walk.  It was another good two mile walk.  I am happy to become the 425 Pound 2 Miler (soon to be less on the pounds and more on the miles!!)

I can remember how much of a challenge it was for me to walk from the house and around the Squire Oak Park and back home before.  But, as I have continued to walk, the strength is there, the knees have gotten better and a mile doesn’t seem so far anymore.

It is easier to give a Smile at a Mile nowadays!  I happy about that, I really am!

I am also appreciative of the neighborhood folk who have always been supportive with waves, thumbs up, and yes, the occasional selfie with me as the following photo indicates.  Elizabeth Chatterton is ALWAYS giving me good mojo on this journey!

A thumbs up from Team Sumoflam supporter and neighborhood cheerleader Elizabeth Chatterton. THANKS!!

The Two Mile Smile!

Though the first mile is easy now, the second mile does get a bit moire difficult.  On this day I decided to go around the park once and then venture out towards other parts.  But I did get that second mile in and felt good about doing it!

I just keep trucking along and listening to the tuneage.  Honestly, the stamina can now handle the two mile walks.  It is the stress of the weight that impacts things more. The knees begin to hurt or, in this instance, my shins began hurting.

I am confident that as I press forward and keep losing while also continue the walking, that I will feel better and the stress on those parts of my body will slowly disappear.

It WILL happen!

A simple dinner – a “loaded potato” with corn and broccoli.

Needless to say, I was famished after the day and the long walk.  Julianne made a simple dinner comprised of a “loaded potato,” corn on the cob and broccoli. Sometimes the simplest meals are the best!

By “loaded potato,” I am not referring to one with butter, sour cream and bacon bits.  Rather, this one was loaded with fresh tomatoes, green onion and avocado.

Famished, I downed this dinner with gusto and deep satisfaction.

It was a good day.

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