Fitness Challenge Day 65: Butter Us Up – Julianne/David 50 pounds

Back in October 2013 I wrote a post about how Julianne and I had lost a large combined amount of weight.  At that time, together, we had lost 65 pounds together.  Unfortunately, we let a number of things get in the way, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, and much of that weight came back.  On that date (Oct. 17, 2013) I had dropped 35 pounds from August 1, as I made efforts to eat vegan. I was at 426 pounds that day.  Julianne had dropped 30 pounds.

Julianne and David minus 50 pounds on June 4

Today, after we both weighed, I was down to 418 pounds, a drop of 32 since April 1.  Julianne was down 18 pounds (actual weight not included….).  That means a drop of 50 pounds between both of us.

Unlike the October scenario, the bigger of the two of us is much more committed and focused on bettering HIS health and so we are both doing better.  We will be to that 65 pounds in no time.

Our results this time around are coming from a combined whole foods plant-based diet and walking. We are letting it happen naturally and gradually and just trying to eat healthful and heartful.

So, what does 50 boxes of butter look like?  Check out below for the full view of lots of butter!

50 boxes of butter is equal to what Julianne and I have lost combined.

My June 3 Smile at a Mile. Actually, I was grimacing, but managed a smile for the photo.

On the fitness progress, I was able to walk again yesterday.  I stopped taking my blood pressure medication as it was causing too much pain in my knees and joints.  Though the pain was still there yesterday, it was not as intense and so I was able to get a walk in, though I didn’t push the “extra mile,” only having walked 1.56 miles.

Due to my knee pains, this was the first time I had walked since May 26 (last Tuesday).  Between my travel and my knee pains, I did not make my goal of 30 miles in 30 days, having only gotten in 25 miles for the month of May.  That was a couple of miles less than my output for April, but I did miss nearly 8 days between my travel and knee pains.

I am not discouraged at all about things as all I can do is my best and I believe that is what I did in May, under the circumstances.

I will continue to press forward as I am only 9 days away from walking in the 5K at the Great American Fitness Challenge event on June 13.  I still hope that some of my friends will join me on Team Sumoflam for that event.

Fresh strawberries and pineapple for dessert

As always, Julianne made a great dinner too.  We had a baked potato with her wonderful mushroom gravy (no fat, no oil, no milk…just good creamy flavor!).  We also had fresh cooked spinach, steamed carrots and then fresh pineapple and strawberries (thank you Bountiful Baskets!) for dessert.

Tasty dinner of baked potato with mushroom gravy, steamed carrots and fresh cooked spinach.

I am staying pumped and invigorated for all of this.  Nothing about any of this has me disgruntled.  In fact, as can be seen from the photo below, I am very “gruntled!”

Feeling “Gruntled”

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