Fitness Challenge Day 68: Speed Shopping for Team Sumoflam!

It is time to get the T-shirts for the members of Team Sumoflam that will participate in the Great American Fitness Challenge in 6 days.  We have 14 Team members that will be there (including grandkidz).  You can see the finalized logo for the shirts on the left…Sumoflam design by Antsy McClain and additional graphics work by my artist extraordinaire wife Julianne.

We actually looked in a few places and spent time shopping on both Friday and Saturday…but we finally found the shirts we wanted… yes, you can’t miss them…Neon Yellow (also called Safety Green).  These shirts are gonna rock!


Our “Safety Green” Team Sumoflam shirts for the Great American Fitness Challenge on June 13

I have made it a challenge to always park a long way away from the stores.  You can see Target in the background.

We park, we walk fast and go only where we need to go in the store.  We don’t dawdle and then we walk fast back to the car.

Its great at Costco because you can get over a mile walking in.  With Target and later Hobby Lobby (below) I got a combined mile of “speed shopping” in and we finally got our shirts there.

Then we had to head to my least favorite place…Wal Mart…to get one to fit me.  UGH.  But, we got one.


My Car as seen from Target’s front door

Parking at Hobby Lobby for Speed Shopping…great exercise folks!

I am getting pumped for this event on Saturday.  I am ready to walk and rock.  So grateful to Antsy McClain for his time and support and artwork.  Grateful as well to my sweet Julianne.

Watch for weigh in tomorrow!  Some exciting news to report!!

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