Fitness Challenge Day 72: The Final Countdown

As I write this post it is 48 hours from start time for the 5K Race at the Great American Fitness Challenge.  Let the countdown begin!!

Julianne and I have finished the Team Sumoflam t-shirts for all of those that registered to participate in the event.  A HUGE THANKS to Antsy McClain for the great design and to my wonderful wife Julianne for customizing Antsy’s design for the GAFC.

We will use the same design for all future 5K Events…a different shirt each time!!


Julianne and I with my new friend and mentor Rob Roy at his book signing at Barnes and Noble

As we inch closer to the event, all of the other things are coming together.  Former Navy SEAL (and Team SEAL Six member) Rob Roy is in town all this week and has done TV Interviews, Book Signings (of his new book “The Navy SEAL Art of War“) and more.  He is the main fitness adviser for the event and has also become a key mentor for me in my journey to better my health.

I highly recommend Rob’s book.  It is not about war, but is about life.  Each chapter is like a menu item with its own theme and story.  There are inspirational stories, motivational stories and many other life lessons that Rob has learned through his service in the military and now uses in his motivational boot camps for companies.

I have taken Rob’s “There Is No Finish Line” philosophy to heart!

My Smile at a Mile for June 10

I started off yesterday morning with a short mile and a half walk.  Julianne got a walk in as well. I woke up late after Julianne and I were up late the night before finishing t-shirts.  It was good to get a walk.  I hadn’t really done one for a couple of days.

Funny…as I pondered the just over 70 days of this journey, I realized how hard it was for me to just walk around the park 3 months ago….about a half mile.  Yesterday morning I walked three times that distance and, had I had the time, could have walked much more.

Was I hot and sweaty?  Yes.  Was I tired? Not too bad…not really winded either.

I am amazed at what 70 days of exercise and eating better can do for me and my body.  My stamina is getting better.  I am ready for the 5K this Saturday.  I know I Can Do It!


I Can Do It!

Getting those steps in. Every step is one step closer to better health!!

Thanks to Rob Roy, I learned about a new app for my iPhone called Argus. This app tracks your steps, calories, meals, walks, hours of sleep, heart rates and more.  I am still learning it, but I love that it tracks my steps.  I still use MapMyWalk for the walks, but also am using Argus.

Argus has a nice weight management tool as well.  I am able to track the weight and it provides some nice graphics.

I can also “compete” in steps and the app lets me know how I am doing in comparison with my Argus buddies.  Yesterday I did 6,808 steps. (Compared to Sunday’s 8,544!!)


While at BrainBox yesterday, I posted another blog post for the Great American Fitness Challenge.  This post is an overview of my past 70 days of progress as I work towards better health.  Entitled “Team Sumoflam Progress Report: I’m NOT Climbing Back Up That Mountain” it represents the “entire package” of things I have been doing to lose the weight (currently 36 pounds since April 1) and to better my health.

Julianne’s amazing plant pure “rotini fettucine”

We continue to eat well.  Julianne made a killer pasta last night (whole wheat pasta) with mushrooms, kale and tomatoes.  She made a vegan cream sauce (no fat/no milk!) and added some nutritional yeast for the “parmesan effect.”  It was a luscious meal.

So, I am ready for the event, getting pumped and cannot wait!

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