Fitness Challenge Day 9 – YOU are Team Sumoflam

YOU Are Team Sumoflam

YOU are part of ‪#‎TeamSumoflam!!‬ I am not walking alone, I can hear & feel your encouragement with every step.  When I am discouraged or tired I feel that extra push behind me.  It is coming from all of you. I am grateful for all of you — in the U.S., in Canada, in Mexico, Japan and the Philippines — that have been encouraging and supportive.  Indeed, YOU are Team Sumoflam.

Great American Fitness Challenge – June 13, 2015 in Lexington

As I noted at the start of all of this in my first blog post on my Personal Fitness Challenge, the driving force to get me moving has been my work with the Great American Fitness Challenge Team (GAFC Team), which is headquartered in Lexington. I am part of the web team managing the site and am assisting in other functions. Current plans are to hold the first event in Lexington and then subsequent events in other parts of the country. The event will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park on June 13, 2015.  The Steeplechase Events will be the first time that humans have been allowed to race on the Horse Steeplechase track. REGISTER TO RACE ONE OF THE EVENTS

Team Sumoflam

Naturally, I would want to participate and prepping for the 5K became the obvious choice for me, as a 400+ pound person (for now – going down fast!). But, there are actually 4 different events – a 5K Walk/Run, a 15K Run, an Open Division Steeplechase and an Elite Division Steeplechase (you can click on any of the links for more info and to register – MAKE SURE YOU Join GROUP/TEAM and SELECT Team Sumoflam).  REGISTER TO RACE ONE OF THE EVENTS My hope is that many of you in Kentucky or states nearby might register and participate on Team Sumoflam. (There may be future events in Dallas, San Diego or other locations where we can once again do Team Sumoflam)  My good friend, nationally renowned singer/songwriter and professional artist Antsy McClain is creating a new special Team Sumoflam T-Shirt design (he has created a number of my logos, such as the pink flamingo above) and all that register for one of the events as a Team Sumoflam participant will get one of those shirts (along with a GAFC T-shirt and other participant swag from the event.)  I know that many of you run marathons, ride long distance bike events, do Iron Man events, etc.  If you can swing June 13…please register (actually, please go to Facebook and LIKE the Team Sumoflam page at

Join Team Sumoflam by clicking the picture and liking the page

We have a Team Sumoflam signup on the GAFC site, so you can now register. Watch the Team Sumoflam page for registration instructions.  Also, please check out the GAFC page to learn more about the event. REGISTER TO RACE ONE OF THE EVENTS

As for my daily progress — I had another good successful day — a VERY successful day, but it was a long one.  I manage the websites for and we moved to a different host server overnight. This meant getting up at 3 AM to verify things. I was on it for a couple of hours and never got back to bed.

I had my Mean Green Juice

I had my juice…really pungent one and was hard to get down because it was so strong.  But I got it.

Had Lunch in a Jar – a nice salad and the veggie spaghetti

I had a nice lunch in a jar…a salad in a jar and spaghetti in a jar (leftovers from the night before).  This healthful food is also proving to be HELPFUL food.

Getting inspiration from Rob Roy – Author of The Navy SEAL Art of War

I got to chat with Rob Roy, the author of The Navy SEAL Art of War, a book which I am using for content on the GAFC website.  I plan on doing a book review as well.  A great book to use for inspiration in driving towards a goal.  In fact, it was Rob Roy who said “create Team Sumoflam” and I’ll join your team.  Done Roy!

I had fruit for a snack – The PEARfect Snack

For a snack I had a Bountiful Baskets Organic Pear — the PEARfect Snack!

By afternoon I was tired…really needed a nap but didn’t get much of one.  I was really thinking of going straight home and going to bed…and that is when I heard YOUR voices…the voices of all of my friends and supporters encouraging me to push through. So, I heeded the call and headed out for the walk.

Walking despite being dead tired — Team Sumoflam helped get me through

As I walked, I listened to music from Pandora — first song was “We Will Rock You” be Queen… then Boston with the lyrics “taking my time, just moving on. I’ve got to keep chasing that dream though I may never find it.”  The very next song was by Kansas – “Carry on my wayward son” and it talked to me to Carry On! Then the Scorpions “I’m licking my lips, I’m ready to win” Gonna Rock You Like a Hurricane”  It was as if all of YOU – Team Sumoflam – were even talking to me through my music.  As a result I walked more than I have in ages – 48 minutes and 1.6 miles — half of a 5K!!!  And that, despite being dead tired.

MapMyWalk results for April 9. A new distance…a new push

Though tired, hot and sweaty, I made it. In the meantime, my biggest Team Sumoflam supporter, my dear wife Julianne, was home cooking a great healthy meal for us.  And I was starved.  Still sweating, I downed the meal of Tabouli (made with fresh tomatoes, chopped cilantro and mint, green peppers, onions, lemon juice and more), a unique main dish of Brussels sprouts fried with garlic and mushrooms (Julianne knows I hate Brussels sprouts, but she found a way to make them good — added my favorites, the mushrooms and garlic and I actually enjoyed it!!) and then a bit of fruit on the side.  A great dinner!

Dinner – Brussels sprouts with mushrooms, tabouli and fruit

The long day was finally over as I showered and hit the sack.  I reflected on the words I read from The Navy SEAL Art of War — a line from the Navy Special Warfare Ethos/Creed:

“I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity”

Please join me on Team Sumoflam!

KAri - April 10, 2015 - 11:48

Go Dave, Go! You are inspiring me to get off my ass and eat right. If I was there in person, I would totally Team Sumoflam that 5K with you! Be steady in your resolve, and don’t hurt yourself.
Rock on. 🙂

sumoflam - April 10, 2015 - 12:38

Thanks Kari!! We will rock on together! Team Sumoflam is YOU!!

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