Fitness Challenge Days 46/47 – Abundant Saturday/Restful Sunday

Smile at a Mile on 5/16

After a grueling Thursday and Friday, due to schedules and work, Saturday turned out to be a great day. We slept in until about 8 AM and then I was off on a walk early. My knees felt good, the weather was pleasant (though a bit moist) and I was feeling a bit more energized.

I ended up walking 2.19 miles (and probably could have gone further) and worked up a good sweat.

Obviously, the more I walk the easier it seems to be getting…both in terms of stamina and in terms of knee pain.  I am grateful for this!!

Getting in the Two mile walk keeps me going as the 425 pound two miler and I will keep pushing to get that to the 420 pound three miler!


MapMyWalk for my 2.14 mile walk on Saturday

Two Mile Smile on Saturday

I chose a bit of a different course for my walk on Saturday, just to mix things up.  I went my usual neighborhood route, but instead of taking the backside of the park, I hoofed it up the hill and past the church to the Squire Road bike path, where I walked up to the entrance to Squires Elementary and then turned around and walked through the church parking lot and back home.  I got a feel for the distance, so I know now what I will need to kick it up a notch and try to get in three miles (5K) eventually.

I have really tried to keep walking the same route because there are hills, straightaways and other challenges.  And, of course, I have the great support from my neighbors.  There were ten different cars that went by in the neighborhood and they all waved…they are most certainly Team Sumoflam supporters!! The addition to the route brought new challenges and opportunities to stretch my limits.  I am getting there!!

After walk Green Juice…an instant recharge for SweatOFlam

After the walk I always need a cool down time. Gulp some cold water and rest a few moments.  I did get the water, but Julianne also made a killer fresh green juice and so, in all my sweatiness, I indulged.

The thing I am learning about the green juice thing is that it is a supercharger and reenergizer.

I downed my juice and relaxed some before having to get the Great American Fitness Challenge vehicle, which I would be using during the day later on.

After a nice shower, it was off for a haircut (which was needed) and then back home and off to Costco for a shopping run (literally!!)

MapMyWalk at Costco…added another 1.25 miles to the day’s walk.

Its a long walk to Costco…and back. And maybe someone will see the vehicle and be inclined to register….

So…you thought I was tired and sweaty after my long walk?  Well, guess what?  We went to Costco after my juice and shower and I was ready for Sumoflam Speed Shopping!  I parked way out there – double purpose this time – long walk and promotion of the Great American Fitness Challenge.

As shown above, I put in another 1.25 miles of walking while shopping at Costco.  And, it was Saturday and I TOTALLY SAID NO to all of the samples!!

We got all of the veggies, potatoes, garlic, onions and other things we needed and were back in the car and raring to go in less in than 30 minutes!  That included the walk to and from the car.  Can YOU do Costco in less than 30 minutes??


Spicy Bean Soup and a green salad for lunch

When we got home, we were starved, so Julianne made us a nice lunch.  She had made a spicy bean soup.  It was really marvelous (and of course, tasted better when I was really hungry!

We also had a big fresh salad with romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, fresh cherry tomatoes, some onions and topped with a dairy free Green Goddess dressing.  I snarfed it down quickly.


Car and tent at Bountiful Baskets. Fruits, veggies and a desire to be more fit.


After lunch, it was time to be off to Bountiful Baskets.  This time we were able to set up the Great American Fitness Challenge tent…and it was fortuitous as it was raining and drizzling off an on.

Bountiful Baskets is always loads of fun and you never know what will be in the baskets.  For $15 you ALWAYS get more than you think.  And we also got a case of Ambrosia Apples.  Not sure how they will fare against the awesome Lady Alice apples from a couple of weeks ago.

Red Corn with guacamole…Julianne’s amazingly yummy bean soup and some fresh watermelon. The Corn and watermelon, courtesy of Bountiful Baskets.

After Bountiful Baskets, we headed back home.  Had to unload all the produce and then Julianne and I prepped our dinner, and OOH what a dinner it was!

The real treat was the FRESH Red Corn from Bountiful Baskets.  It is always Yummiferous!  And, we don’t use butter.  Instead, we slathered it with guacamole and also sprinkled it with some spicy smoked paprika.

Julianne spiced up the bean soup a tad too, adding some of my favorite XXX Hatch Red Chile powder.  A half teaspoon is all you need for the ultimate capsaicin rush!!

Then, we finished off the meal with some sweet and juicy fresh watermelon from our Bountiful Baskets booty.  What can I say about these small seedless melons?  Better than candy…really!

After dinner we just relaxed for a while.  I had a Rodeo Broadcast to monitor and was actually up late…until about 1:30 AM.  The rodeo was an evening broadcast from British Columbia.

DAY 47 – A Day of Rest

Nothing like a good hearty bowl of steel cut oatmeal with pecans, real vanilla, bananas and 100% maple syrup

After such a late night and a hard day on Saturday, I decided that I was REALLY going to do a day of rest.  We had some steel cut oatmeal after sleeping until about 9 AM.

We actually slept a little later than planned so we had to rush off to church and were just on time.

Church not only comprised of our three meetings, but we also had choir practice afterwards.  Julianne is the music coordinator and choir director.

By 3:30 we were pretty zonked again.  So we headed back home after dropping off the GAFC Vehicle.




Sumoflam at Church – nice haircut, rested and ready

The sauteed mushrooms and portabellas were absolutely to die for! No Joke!

When we got home Julianne prepared another out-of-this-world meal with Bountiful Baskets goodies and some miniature squash and mushrooms we got at Costco.  We once again made mushroom tacos with all the fixins (for a PlantPure meal).

I know that some of my children are not too fond of mushrooms.  But I love them…always have.  And portabello mushrooms have such a meaty flavor.

And let’s face it.  People always wonder why I am such a fun guy….well, I admit, its the mushrooms. They always make me a fun guy.

This lunch was amazing. The seasoned miniature squash was cooked perfect. The mushroom tacos were outstanding and then the beans and homemade pico were luscious.

The remainder of the evening was RESTFUL until about 11:30 PM when I had to take care of some site changes for VYPE’s Websites.  Was up until 1:30 AM again.  Just never ends.

But it was a great weekend.


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