Fitness Challenge Days 49/50: The Dreaded Doctor

I will admit it.  I hate going to the doctor.  I hate going to the dentist. My stress level increases when I visit these folks. Not that they are bad people.  I just don’t want to face reality, get needles in me and be told where I need to improve.  And, I hate the waiting game at the office, especially if I get there before the scheduled time.

Wednesday, Day 50 of my journey, was my “annual” physical/check up.  I tried to schedule it back in February and May 20 was the first day they could fit me in.   The last check up I had was in March 2014.

Anyway, I go there early…over an hour early, in order to hopefully get my blood work done in advance and then get out quickly.  Much to my chagrin, I was told that they were in a meeting and would get to me as soon as they could.  Waiting… UGH.

Getting the point…hemoglobin testing

About 20 minutes later, I was called in and told I could go into the waiting room for my blood work.  I walked over there and was ushered in immediately! WOO HOO! They weighed me and the did my blood pressure and my heart rate first.

I already knew what my weight was (I weighed in at 422.8 that morning!!!).  Apparently, back in March 2014 I was at 444, so that reflected a loss!

More good news, my March heart rate was 92 and this time it was 65. That was good news.

But then, there was the Blood Pressure.  After all of my good eating and exercise, I had hoped to see better results than my March 2014 results of 188/105.  This time it was 187/104.  I was shocked and terribly broken-hearted over that.  I thought for sure things had gotten better.

Getting the needle…yes, I got the point

What’s worse was that my doctor chided me for not taking my BP meds that were prescribed last year. Though, he did note good improvement on weight loss and diet and exercise, and noted that my leg swelling (from cellulitis issues and poor circulation) had gone down considerably, he also told me that it was malpractice for him NOT to prescribe me BP meds and that it could be dangerous for a heart attack.

He told me he wanted to monitor my progress based on the Neuropathy Help, which I was asked to avail due to the natural ingredients their medication has and that I should come in every three months thereafter. As I get better, I could possibly be off the medications.

Last year I was also prescribed metformin for pre-diabetes. I didn’t take those either.  Everything I read indicated that those meds could actually accelerate diabetes.  I am not sure at this point if I will need to continue on these as my blood work has not come back as of this writing.  But, chances are that there are still numbers that need to go down.

I needed to realize that I have only been on this journey for 50 days.  Things don’t happen overnight.  I am getting better, but slowly.

Smiling as I leave doctor’s office at 9:15 AM. My appointment was for 9:20 AM

My doctor told me that these meds, coupled with my continued focus on better eating and exercise will most certainly make things improve and that he can forsee me being off of the meds in the near future.  Just gotta keep at it!

The good news?  I got out of all doctor things BEFORE my actual appointment time!!

Had a great salad for lunch on Wednesday

As for walking…I didn’t walk on Tuesday to rest the knees.  At the same time, I have been preparing for my trip to California later in the week.  Seems like all of my contract folks pressed the issue to get some projects completed before I left so I spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on getting those done so I could leave for California on Thursday. So, no walk on Wednesday either.

I did eat well and stuck with things.  We’ll see how I do on my trip to California for Woodflock with Antsy McClain!

I decided I would begin my BP meds when I get back from California.  Too many scary side effects to worry about!!

Amaree - May 22, 2015 - 12:57

Aaron was on BP medication for a while. And was on Cholesterol medication, too. He has since weaned off oth of those! (Though, I’m not sure how…. we were in the land of no fast food when he was on them, and he’s better now that he HAS fastfood… Crazy.) Anyway, good luck, dad!

sumoflam - May 22, 2015 - 13:01

We’ll see how the BP Meds go when I get back

KAri - May 22, 2015 - 13:18

Hi Dave! Well, that sounds pretty discouraging, with the BP and all. I know it seems slow, your progress, but really it’s not, considering this is a permanent weight loss, not just a quick drop inevitably followed by gaining again. I hate those! Maybe think of it like going to college, as it’s an education, for sure. At this point, you wouldn’t even have finished your first semester of a 4 year degree, so take it in stride, and keep striding. I’m glad you’re at Woodflock. You’ll both love it, and for sure it will help your BP! I hope the meds don’t give you any side effects when you get back. Keep on keepin’ on, and flock hard! 🙂

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