Fitness Challenge Days 51-55: Flamingoheads, Festivities, Food and Fun

Singing with Antsy at Woodflock

The last five days have been fun-filled festivities with Flamingoheads at Woodflock VI in Red Bluff, CA. I’ll be writing a travel blog post about the three day event brought to California by Antsy McClain in a week or so, but also needed to write about it in terms of the impact on my journey.

This was certainly a detour in many ways. I traveled over 2000 miles, slept in a small RV for three nights, got little sleep and had many opportunities to veer away from my eating and exercise routines.

I discovered on this trip what a dramatic impact routine has on a weight loss journey. Having an established routine is vital. Being thrown off-track of the routine like I was these past four days, in the long term, is only a bump in the long arduous road of the journey. But, it is a bump nonetheless.

Meals were good at Woodflock

Many at Woodflock were so supportive of my efforts. Even the menu had vegan options for every meal (there were others eating vegan as well). But, let’s face it…everyone there was on vacation, enjoying their own breaks from the routines and rigamaroles of life. Most didn’t want to worry about food abstentions when so much yumminess was offered up.

Did I slip? Yes, on a couple of occasions I didn’t “just say no,” but overall I was strong and when I did “nibble on a naughty” it was truly not an overindulgence, but rather a “courtesy taste” to appreciate all the efforts that Bob and Sue and the Woodflock cooking crew put in. The vegan chorizo was to die for!!! But, so were the naughty nibbles of fudge and tornado brownies. Glad things were cut into bite size pieces…one bite was enough to savor the flavor. And then there was the chili cook off…I was asked to be one of the judges so I did have a couple of bites of each flavor of chili. Honestly, I enjoyed the vegan chili best!!

My smile at a mile at Woodflock

The past four days warranted little “scheduled exercise.” At the Cincinnati airport I chose to “walk the distance” to the departure gate rather than take the train. Was about a mile walk and every little bit helps. But my day in San Francisco Thursday and my travel day with Carla on Friday yielded few exercise results. It wasn’t until Saturday morning that I got a walk in.

Woodflock was situated in the Sycamore Grove campground that borders the Sacramento River in the Mendocino. National Forest. It was a lovely wooded setting with nature everywhere. Though tired from a late night of hanging with friends and little rest from a new sleep environment, I was still up at 6 AM and took a needed walk along a beautiful nature trail at sunrise. It was about 55° and beautiful out. I walked 2.15 miles, got a brief cool down and then shower in before most folks were awake. I felt good!!

Antsy McClain and the Troubs performing in the amphitheater at Woodflock

Two Mile Smile with the Sacramento River in the background

Being a music centered camping “retreat”, there were numerous periods of sitting in the dining hall or the amphitheater to enjoy Antsy McClain music and other guests. The majority of walking was for water and restrooms and meals. But no walking worthy of running MapMyWalk.

By Saturday night I was dead exhausted, but still struggled with sleep. Sunday I “slept in” until 7 AM. Yes, jet lag didn’t help either. But the oatmeal with honey for breakfast was great. And did I mention the vegan chorizo?





MapMyWalk for Saturday in Red Bluff, CA

Meditation time with Hilary and Bruce on Sunday morning

Perhaps the best part of Sunday was the relaxing meditation hour done by Hilary in the amphitheater. I needed the mental refreshment to get me psyched up for the next few weeks.

It was actually quite nice to sit and reflect on things in the beautiful natural setting.  Truly a great experience.



Loving the California strawberries

I did eat well and plenty of plant based things…had salads and some good vegetarian Chinese food.  We even stopped on the way to Red Bluff and had some fresh strawberries!

Overall, it was an amazing fun trip and I only really gained 2-3 pounds over the five days, pretty amazing considering all of the good food, the little “naughty nibbles” and the little bit of walking I got in.

I am writing a more detailed post on the entire Woodflock experience over on my Less Beaten Paths travel blog.  Check back there soon for the full experience of flying out to California, traveling around San Francisco and driving to Red Bluff and then, of course, the Woodflock Experience.

Trish - May 27, 2015 - 17:34

Great work David! I, too, had a significant change in my routine! I did not really overeat, except for the day I enjoyed homemade french fries (first time for fries in 1.5 years) and a burger. I drove 2400 miles in 4 days so not much exercise in that routine. 🙂

Up 3 pounds myself, but know that it will come right back off now that I am back in routine.

Here’s to our new lifestyle habits!


Gayle - May 27, 2015 - 22:28

David, your journey is a constant source of inspiration. Keep it up

sumoflam - May 28, 2015 - 01:18

Thanks for dropping by Gayle!’

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