The weight is over

Julianne and I have decided wholesale nfl jerseys to do a blog together as we begin 2012. We struggled to come up with a blog name, but decided wholesale jerseys that we would use “Sorry about your weight.” This is based on a comment I often get when we go through fast food drive thru’s. As we pick up our food, they’ll often say “Sorry about your wait.” I’ll reply, “I’m sorry too. Maybe I shouldn’t eat here,” or some other sarcastic remark.

Perfect title! I often have to fain indifference to David’s suggestions so as not to encourage his attempt at humor – Drive but this is perfect!

Like so many others, Julianne and I have struggled with our weight for years. We have gone up and down. This year we hope (no hopewe will ) to do cheap jerseys better through blog therapy, a predominantly vegan meal plan and a concerted effort to get to the gym (we’ve had a membership for months, cheap nba jerseys but have failed to go).

The words not to use This any longer are “predominantly”, and “concerted effort.” You can’t eat animal products and call yourself  “predominantly vegan”. Making a “concerted effort” to go to the gym if you don’t get there doesn’t Or count!

Our plan for this blog is to use a little volutpat banter. I write and she writes. Our opinions may differ, but our objectives won’t!!

We’ll see how this goes.

Oh….it’ll go. We’re doing this.



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