How about some chocolate?

Okay, who says a vegan diet can’t have goodies? How about chocolate? No, not that milk and butter infused Hershey’s kisses chocolate…but rather DARK chocolate

Cote d’Or Belgian Dark Chocolate

Cote d’ Or Belgian Dark Chocolate Confection

OK, chocolate is not fat free and obviously has some sugar. But, the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate are good for you and ooh…that endorphin rush.

Tonight we went to Fresh Market in Lexington and picked up four bars of deluxe chocolate. It was costly, but what a Yummiferous treat!

How about some Dark Chocolate?

Our Chocolate Binge – Not for one sitting

First is the Theo Organic Fair Trade Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate (70% cacao). Made in Seattle. As it says on the package “Inside this beautiful package you’ll find ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE, seductively smooth and rich 70% dark chocolate and the sweet flavor of toasted coconut!” They also note that it is a superfood rich in cocoa polyphenols and its organic. Suitable for vegans.

Theo Organized Fair Trade Toasted Coconut Chocolate

Next is the Chocolove brand Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate. Chocolove is out of Boulder, Colorado. Of this bar, the package says, “Crystallized Australian ginger in rich Belgian dark chocolate crafted from a blend of Caribbean and African cocoa beans. Upon eating, tangy dark chocolate gives way to soft, moist, sugar-coated chunks of hot-spicy ginger. The sweet and spicy transitions are delightfully stimulating.” And, to top it off, there is a love poem inside every package!!

Chocolove Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate

The third product is the Wild Ophelia All Natural New Orleans Chili Dark Chocolate Bar from American Farms and artisans. Wild Ophelia is a Chicago based company. They invite you to “take an American roadtrip through chocolate”. ( and Sumoflam fans know how I love road trips!!). “Wild Ophelia connects the American farmers’ movement with chocolate”. In this product they infuse the 70% dark chocolate with Louisiana Cayenne Chili Peppers giving a flavor profile of dark chocolate with a warm, zinging hot spice and underlying tones of earthy red pepper. Sounds sinfully delightful!!

Wild Ophelia New Orleans Chili Dark Chocolate

Finally, the Cote d’ Or Belgian Chocolate, pictured in all its luscious ness above. Made in Belgium and rich and flavorful.

And this is a Less Beaten Path chocolate style!

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