I Hate Plateaus!!

Dreaded Plateau

I hate plateaus!!  I get on a roll…lose 14 pounds in two weeks.  Then, I gain one pound and remain the same for FOUR straight days now!!  What’s worse, is the last two days I have fought temptation to binge.  Yesterday I sooooo could have gone to City BBBQ and had a huge BBQ dinner with potato salad and a nice piece of peach cobbler.  Or, I could have also gone to O’Charley’s and had a nice steak, fresh rolls and some great mashed potatoes…..    But no, I stuck it out and I kept my desirous temptations to myself.  Julianne fixed a nice breakfast to start the day off and it was predominantly fat free….

Tofu Scramble

The Tofu Scramble was made from Extra-firm Tofu mixed with some garlic, turmeric and dried mustard and included onions, zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers and Roma tomatoes. We also had some homemade blueberry muffins (no fat folks!!) and fresh pineapple.  The Tofu Scramble tasted so much like scrambled eggs it was unbelievable.  And, if there was any fat at all in the meal it was only fat that naturally exists in the tofu.

The breakfast did keep me going well through the day.  But, as the day wore on my cravings for something meaty and cheesy grew.  I also had things on my mind — the typical: work, money worries, the future, etc.  Furthermore, the traveler in me wanted to get out and take a drive — it was such a beautiful day.  So, I went upstairs and lamented to my sweet wife.  She too was a bit down and had I mentioned City BBQ we both may have succumbed.  But, she threw together a nice HEALTHY dinner and then we did take a drive.

Stuffed Peppers and Bok Choi

The above meal included a spicy rice with vegetables in a green pepper.  The bok choi was cooked in soy sauce and had some chili pepper and garlic in it.  We also had some fresh cantaloupe.  It was a nice meal and I think we both felt good that we didn’t succumb to going out somewhere.  Afterwards, we did get in the car and take an early evening ride.  The sun was nice and the shadows were too.  Here are a couple shots…yes, a break from diet.  These were taken on Cleveland Road in horse farm country….

Cleveland Road in Fayette County, Kentucky — the Bluegrass

Rolling Hills in Horse Farm Country – near Lexington, Kentucky

Afternoon Shadows

Wildflowers were in abundance on the road – especially these purple ones

I really needed that ride and the fresh air flowing through the car.  It was a nice evening and I felt a lot better….until this morning when I saw again that I am still plataeued

How Far…..

I guess I need to at least look back and realize that 14 pounds are still gone….   I just hope the plateau isn’t one of those long broad ones….


Back to my morning juice….


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