Kickstart Day 2

I made it through Day 1 without incident yesterday.  Didn’t eat dinner as I wasn’t too hungry.

But, today we went to church and I did not get a chance to eat anything until about 3 PM, so I was pretty hungry.  Julianne threw together some Chai Spiced Pancakes for me (I wanted something breakfasty….).  She added some Ener-G Egg Replacer to make the pancakes more fluffy.  I added some Earth Balance buttery spread to it (though Julianne says that even though it is “Vegan”, it is still 100% fat and she DOES NOT recommend using it EVER).  I also added some of my daughter Amaree’s homemade Peach Syrup.  It was quite yummy, though I am still craving more.  This pancake has ginger and pepper in it as well.  A unique gingery pancake.  By the way, the photo below shows the pancake after folding it.  It was plate sized!!

Chai Spice Pancake

I think I am going to also have a few chips with some non-fat roasted red pepper and cannellini bean spread that Julianne made for our Zucchini Sandwiches yesterday.

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