Personal Fitness Challenge Day 14 – In the Doldrums

In the Doldrums

Throughout the days of seafaring vessels when sailors were sailing across the wide oceans they would occasionally get into a section of ocean that they called “the doldrums.” These were sections of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean affected by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds  are calm. The doldrums are also noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for periods of days or weeks. The term appears to have arisen in the 18th century ; when cross-Equator sailing voyages became more common. Nowadays, we use the term “in the doldrums” to signify a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression.  And Tuesday was definitely a day of being “in the doldrums” for me.

A blah, doldrums day…

I had a rough night of sleep after walking 2 miles on Monday and my muscles were sore and I was experiencing cramping in my arm as well for some reason (probably not enough water). So it was a fitful night and I had to wake up way too early even though it was really the regular time to wake up.

Outside it was gray and rainy and we were on the way to work and there was a loud pop in the car. Ultimately, one of the spark plugs in the car blew out and I was stuck on the side of the road for an hour waiting for a tow truck to take me to the auto mechanic, while my wife had to be picked up by our daughter.

Definitely a Meh Day

I got to my regular auto mechanic with whom I have been going for over 20 years and he was not there at the typical time. So there I sat again in the car with the rain pouring around me and a car that wouldn’t move…waiting for my mechanic to show up so that I could get things fixed. All that went through my mind was “If anything could go wrong….”  I didn’t want to spend the money on getting the car repaired and I missed a full day of work as a result and so it was even costlier. But, of course, I needed to have my vehicle so I waited and finally Rob arrived, around 10:15 in the morning, he discovered the issue and started to work on it. 

Finally in the waiting room while the car got worked on.

The spark plugs of a Lincoln Town Car are kind of interesting because there’s a little socket that goes down into a hole in the aluminum block.  This insert is where the spark plug goes. That has to be stripped out and the new piece put in. Rob ordered the piece from the car parts place and they brought one and it was the wrong size, they brought another one and still the wrong size and by afternoon they finally got the third one to us that did work.  I was distressed and not even hungry…I had eaten my oatmeal around 11 and then went without lunch.  But, the stress (and distress did give me the munchies for things like chocolate, chips, etc.)  Thank goodness there were none at the shop!! (And thank goodness there were no Cella’s chocolates – see yesterday’s post)

The sign says it all!

I finally got to head back but it was late so I just headed to go get Julianne and I had to run her a few places.  She too had a stressful day.  Just happened to be one of those days….  Bad Days happen…

Bad Days Happen…thank goodness for tomorrows

I decided to just call it a day when we got home.  Julianne made a nice quick and delicious dairy free/fat free corn chowder (see recipe here from Dr. McDougall website), some toast and we ate and just went to bed early.  I needed the rest and so did she.  No walk for the day.  Tomorrow is another day.

Creamy corn soup and toast

Glad that the day was over….already getting pumped about Wednesday.  I will not let it be a “taxing day!”

On a positive note, if you are on #TeamSumoflam and want to participate in the Great American Fitness Challenge, best to register before May 8 as the rates are discounted. Click image below to register.

Great American Fitness Challenge 2015


KAri - April 15, 2015 - 11:10

Ach, a Meh deh, bleh. 😛 They happen, and it sounds like you dealt with it well. Tell me something please; is this a vegan or vegetarian diet you’re on? It’s certainly working for you, but I’m wondering if you had always been doing this, or if it’s just part of the big push to lose? I wonder if your body goes cold turkey off the turkey, if maybe there could be like a thyroid stress reaction or something? I doubt your sparkplugs were affected by this though, and truly; some days just suck more than others. Onward and upward!

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