Personal Fitness Challenge Day 16 – Sometimes Priorities Get in the Way

Granddaughter Lyla is THREE…can you tell?

Yesterday was my little granddaughter Lyla’s 3rd Birthday. Plans were to have a small get together at our daughter’s house to celebrate.

Enjoying a drive with little Lyla in Sept. 2013

Family is a Priority

Family is ALWAYS a priority to me. Though I grew up in a “family,” it was a disjointed, dysfunctional affair. (You can read my Sumoflam Singlewide blog post about this if you are interested). In any case, I determined at age 17, after being kicked out of the house, that, if I were blessed to be married and have children and grandchildren that they would always be a priority. And I have tried to instill that in each of my children.

Our Birthday Girl at the birthday party

So, last night we celebrated, we watched grandchildren sing and dance for us…just for Gramma and Grampz. We brought the cupcakes (at Baby Cakes) and my small (yet grueling) victory was saying no to them (the cupcakes that is).

I “Just Said No” to birthday cupcakes (and boy was it hard!!)

Unfortunately, the kids had three encores so we left late. We went to Chipotle for dinner as they have awesome vegan offerings, of which I indulged.

Dinner at Chipotle – a Sofrita Bowl with brown rice, pinto beans, corn, green salsa, tomatoes and guacamole. Sofritas are made from organic tofu

But, there was no walk. We got home late and needed to get some rest.

Up at 5 AM for a walk. This is MY Five O’Clock Shadow…

But I went to bed satisfied because I took the time to share joy with my grandchildren and family. Chalk up some joy points instead of miles for last night. I was back at it this morning with a 3K walk at 5 AM. No worries for Team Sumoflam!

My walk route for this morning

It was good to walk in the morning.  It was good to know in my heart that my priorities are still in place. Team Sumoflam rolls forward!

KAri - April 17, 2015 - 11:29

Happy Birthday to Lyla, the cutest baby ever! Good job saying No to those cupcakes too, whew!

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