Personal Fitness Challenge Day 18 – Some Days Are Diamonds (and Some Days Are Stones)

John Denver

John Denver sang a song back in the 1970s called “Some Days are Diamonds.” It was kind of broken-hearted love song. But, I like the stanza that says:

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times, won’t leave me alone

And yesterday was more akin to a stone for me. I did not get a walk in yesterday as I had planned to in my mind. My knees and ankles both ached. We had errands to run, shopping, etc. Our afternoon was tied up with Bountiful Baskets.



Working at Bountiful Baskets – Lots of good fresh fruits and veggies


I was, however, good with eating. We had a nice green smoothie for breakfast (made from spinach, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, chia seeds and lemon juice). We also had a healthy lunch of small veggie pizzas made with the Bountiful Baskets sourdough pizza rounds, covered with a sauce made of roasted bell peppers, garlic, Italian seasoning and onion. The toppings included yellow squash, mushrooms, roa tomatoes, green olives, onions and some lettuce on top. I covered it with Sriracha sauce for some zing!

Green Smoothie

All-veggie dairy/meat free pizza


We also had a great dinner….some taco-flavored bean/lentil burritos, a salad and an orange.

Apples – the healthy snack. Special organic apples from Bountiful Baskets

I actually ate a lot today…but no walk….and it I think I am paying for two days of no walks.  Actually gained a pound.  Weigh in day is Sunday (today as I write this) and I weighed in at 436.8.  Still a loss of just over 13 pounds in 18 days, but the weight loss has definitely slowed.  Even eating right won’t impact the weight unless I get that walk in and burn a few additional calories.

Weight loss progress – Apr 1 to Apr 19


I need to get back on track!

And, another reminder that you can join me at the Great American Fitness Challenge on June 13 at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Come out and be a part of Team Sumoflam! Click the link below to register.

Great American Fitness Challenge 2015

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