Setbacks and Successes – 9 pounds down

Vegetable Teriyaki on Rice

Well, as another week has rolled by, I continue to press forward.  My weight loss is not as quick as I had hoped, but it is still going down.  I am now 23 days into my vegan lifestyle and I am down to 448.2, a loss of 9 pounds.

I have not moved as quickly due to my inconsistency in getting to the gym to exercise.  The last few days I have had had a setback in that my back has hurt quite a bit and I have not been able to sleep as well.  I sincerely had hoped to go this morning, but my back is still hurting.  The back pain is the result of degenerative discs, a problem I have had since I was 18.  The pain comes and goes, and all it takes is turning just the wrong way or sleeping just the wrong way to set it off.  I do hope to get to the gym tonight and walk.  I really need it.

As for the diet, it is going well.  Julianne continues to prepare amazing meals.  Last night we had Vegetable Teriyaki on rice.  Julianne made the teriyaki sauce from scratch using a recipe found here.  It had just the right amount of ginger and was wonderful.  We used a bunch of vegetables from the fridge.  They need to be used because they can go bad.

That reminds me of a post I saw on Facebook the other day.  I hope my FB friend Mari does not mind me putting it here on my blog.  This is really true and I am glad she put it up there.

Good Food Bad Food (Thanks Mari!!)

Sugary snacks do taste good, but they really aren’t good for you…  Of course, I don’t have them much anymore.

The thing about working on weight loss and dietary change is that setbacks can and WILL occur.  A setback does not mean failure.  Only quitting means failure.  The Mayo Clinic has a nice article (click here) that tells how to deal with weight loss setbacks.

Taking Control

Let’s face it, life gets in the way.  Body pains frustrate. Stress or depression push at you.  Sometimes that tasty looking cheesy meaty pizza draws you in.  But, this is just a setback or a pitfall.  Mayo Clinic provides the following points:

  • Take Charge – Accept responsibility for your own behavior. You can get back on track.
  • Buy Time – Try distracting yourself from your urge to eat — call a friend or take the dog for a walk. If the craving still doesn’t pass, review your goals and engage in a fun, mood-elevating activity.
  • Be Gentle With Yourself – Practice Self-forgiveness
  • Ask For and Accept Help – Accepting help from others isn’t a sign of weakness, nor does it mean that you’re failing.
  • Work Out Guilt and Frustration with Exercise – Use it to elevate your mood and recommit to your goals. Never use it as punishment for a lapse.
  • Problem Solve as You Go – Instead of criticizing yourself, clearly identify the problem, and then create a list of possible solutions.
  • Recommit Your Goals – Review your weight-loss goals and make sure they’re still realistic.

As far as my goals are concerned, I have set an initial goal to be at 350 pounds by the end of July.  That is a lofty goal!!  That means losing 1/2 pound every day. I am not on track.  But, I am progressing.

What I do is set STEP GOALS for myself.  I want to be under 450.  I want to hit the 10 pounds lost mark.  I want to be under 440.  I want to hit the 20 pounds lost mark.  Each of these are smaller, more achievable goals.  I want to walk 12 laps today.  I want to walk 13 laps tomorrow.  Once again, I may not be able to push for two miles, but I can certainly walk one more lap than I did the day before.

And, when I hit a setback, like missing the gym for a couple of days.  I just don’t let myself feel angst over it.  I just recommit and go the next day.

Never Give Up

The key is to Never Give Up.  Setbacks will lead to success unless you give up.

I AM NOT GIVING UP…    except for my weight.  I am happy to give up some weight.



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