Some Good – Some Bad: Losing it while losing it…

I’ll start off with the Good News.  This morning I weighed in at 439.8, my first time under 440 in a couple of years.  I am now over 17 pounds down.  The Vegan stuff is doing me good.

Now for the bad…

Julianne left for San Diego yesterday for a week.  She has been my inspiration and an amazing cook, and moreover, she helps keep me on track.

Also,  I spent the day traveling on backroads and I fell victim to my cravings.  The real “sinful pleasure” came in the form of a Fried Bologna Sandwich with Eggs and Cheese.  I got it at a little Mom and Pop Mini Mart in Bradfordsville, KY.  I had to have a pit stop on the road, loved the atmosphere, talked to Patches, the owner, and fell victim to the overwhelming smells and temptation of the place.  There, I admitted it!!

Patches making a Fried Baloney Sammich

Baloney Sammich – the antithesis of a vegan meal

I believe that we all can fall given the right conditions — hunger, stress, cravings, etc.  The key is telling yourself you slipped…not that you failed.  Despite having that and some pancakes at iHop late last night, I still was under 440 this morning!!  That was sweet, but it may have been even better had I avoided the pitfalls.

Don’t get me wrong though — I absolutely enjoy the vegan regimen.  I just need to have stuff prepared.  Will work on that tomorrow.  I had a couple of bowls of cereal today and left myself downstairs all day working on blogs.  The other thing is that I am convinced that it is healthier for me and for my blood pressure, etc.

So, I took a vacation for a day or two.  Vacations end and reality and hard work return.

This blog is therapy for me and it also provides me some accountability to myself and to those that read and try to provide support.  I cannot in good conscience create an impression on my readers that I am perfect, infallible or beyond falling to the temptation of something totally tasty yet totally unhealthy.  But, I am personally accountable for this….

Personal Accountability

 Let’s see what I can do the rest of the week……

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