Some thoughts midway thru week one

At the midway point for Week 1 of the 21 day Kickstart program, I am down about 6 pounds. That is good news!!

However, as much as it sounds good, I still have work to do. I believe I could shed much more by going to the gym and exercising, or even walking. Also, I am probably not drinking as much water as I should.

Further, there have been times we have deviated slightly. For instance, we went to iChing yesterday and had lunch. We both stuck to vegan choices, but we are not able to really determine all that goes into the meal like we would at home.

The real key, however, is to not let slip ups turn into failure. With every slip up comes an opportunity to get back up and press forward again.

I know I am weak in terms of self-control in eating. I eat when stressed, depressed or when something is in front of me. I like my meat and cheese…even though I really do know how too much of those foods can have a plethora of bed effects on the body.

I won’t give up!!

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