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Downhill Climb Days 101-102: 100 Miles in 102 Days

Finally got back to walking this morning, after a 13 day hiatus due to heavy work schedules, rain storms, etc. I had a good 2.16 mile walk and felt pretty good.  The knee hurt, but I was ok with that.  My bigger issue today was my right heal…it really hurts.  Not sure why. Today it […]

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Downhill Climb Day 100: A Progress Report!

Yesterday was Day 100 of what was initially called my “Fitness Challenge” and has since become my “Downhill Climb.”  Following is a brief progress report after 100 Days of making it happen.  Perhaps others on similar journeys have had better or worse results, but I aver that this is MY personal journey and I am […]

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Downhill Climb Day 86: Just One More

For today’s blog post I am stealing a theme from one of the chapters of former Navy SEAL Rob Roy’s “The Navy SEAL Art of War.” The title of the chapter is “Just One More” and it alludes to breaking out of our habits and getting “just one more,” whether it mean one more rep, […]

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