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Downhill Climb Days 133-140: Holding Steady at 405

The past few days have been tough. Life likes to throw curveballs and this week was full of them. For me, it is the first week of high school football season and my work with the Great American Rivalry Series, coupled with The VYPE Sports Network work has kept me hopping (at least mentally). I […]

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Don’t Give Up On Me (says the “Little Child” in me)

I am one for overcoming challenges. I strive to not let any obstacles get in my way. Many note my great passion to succeed and in most things that I tackle I do end up succeeding at them. That being said, there is one obstacle that I have yet to find a way to overcome. […]

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Happy Labor Day Update – 20 pounds in one month!!

Happy Labor Day!! It has been one month since Julianne and I started at a vegan, fat free change in eating. And, despite plateaus, progress has been made!! I weighed in today at 441.8, exactly 20 pounds down from when I started on August 3. Labor Day Celebration As many Americans do on Labor Day, […]

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