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Chocolate Oatmeal and Thai Vegetable Stir Fry

Today was a simple day for meals and that was about it. We were waaay too busy to be able to make it to the gym. But, we did have a couple of tasty meals. Chocolate Oatmeal For breakfast we had some chocolates steel cut oatmeal. All my wife did was add unsweetened chocolate powder […]

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Vegan enchiladas and pineapple cake

Today Julianne threw together two great Yummiferous goodies. Vegan enchiladas For lunch we had vegan Enchiladas. Basically, we used some leftover Spanish rice, leftover vegan chili, tomatoes, onions and salsa, all rolled into a fat free tortilla. We covered it with some enchilada sauce and a cheese-like sauce made from nutritional yeast and about a […]

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28 Days on vegan lifestyle and down 12.9 pounds

Lately I have been on a roadsign kick on my Less Beaten Paths blog (see it here).  I found this graphic on the web this morning (nabbed it from the Trading Pounds blog).  I thought it was appropriate. This morning I got on the scale and was shocked, did a double take and weighed again […]

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